Visit Japan with new rail passes by region

Choose between the JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area) or the JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area).

Depending on the area of East Japan you want to travel in, you can now choose the pass that… more>

Apr 21st
Posted by Angela in Japan

Mother’s Day around the world

7 rail passes to destinations where mothers are praised

When May comes along, we take the opportunity to praise a very important person in our lives, our mothers. Mother’s Day is a tradition that’s celebrated all around the world, with different countries showing their love and… more>

5 best spots for cherry blossom sightings in Japan

Between the months of March and May, Japan turns into a wonderland of pretty pink flowers. The cherry blossom season peaks from about mid-March to late April, so we invite you to explore these top spots and many more, with your Japan Rail Pass.

1…. more>

Mar 7th
Posted by Ruben in Japan

Norway’s Flam Railway

A scenic journey in the heart of the fjords

Flam Railway takes you on a journey through Norway’s mountains and fjords in what many believe is among the finest rail experiences. Between the roaring falls and the quiet valleys, the Flam Railway presents many… more>

Mar 6th
Posted by Ruben in Europe,Scandinavia

10 Iconic sights in Japan

Japan is a splendid blend of traditions and modern culture with several sites reminding you of the country’s unique character. We’ve compiled a list of 10 iconic sights in Japan you shouldn’t miss. Travel with a Japan Rail Pass  and discover these places for yourself while enjoying… more>

Oct 24th
Posted by Ruben in Japan

Tokyo to Kyoto by train

Japan has a distinctive charm with a truly inspiring culture. Attracted to the adventure and equipped with a Japan Rail Pass, ACP Rail’s Frederic Salort visited two cities in the Land of the Rising Sun and shares his experience.

As a kid,… more>

Mar 28th
Posted by Ruben in Japan

5 tips to remember when planning your Japan Rail Pass adventure

By Andy Jarosz

With bullet trains covering huge distances in a short time it’s tempting to assume that anywhere in Japan can be reached within a few hours. Yet almost 3000km separate the southern tip of Kyushu from the northernmost point in Hokkaido and an itinerary that… more>

Feb 15th
Posted by Angela in Contributors,Japan

How much can you save with a Japan Rail Pass?

A popular itinerary highlights that a Japan Rail Pass offers great value!

The Japan Rail Pass offers an incredibly economical way to travel throughout Japan by rail.  This includes travel aboard all Japan Railways (JR) lines and the Shinkansen ‘bullet trains’ (the only exception is the pass is… more>

Nov 4th
Posted by Angela in Japan

Japan’s JR East Pass Special

Available for purchase from March 1st to June 20th, 2011

A 3 day Japan Rail East Pass (or JR East Pass) Special Offer is available to overseas visitors beginning March 1st for travel between April 1st and June… more>

Mar 1st
Posted by Angela in Japan

Spring blossoms in Japan

Get around with a Japan Rail Pass

Japan attracts visitors in April each year for the blooming cherry blossoms that bring a beautiful pink hue to Japan’s many cities, parks, riversides, gardens, castles and shrines.  Map out your own cherry blossom viewing tour with a Japan rail pass. … more>

Jan 7th
Posted by Angela in Japan
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