Deutsche Bahn E-Tickets

Deutsche BahnTravel by train with Deutsche Bahn to most major cities in Germany with over 33,000 km of rail tracks covering the vast country. With convenient train tickets, take advantage of modern amenities and superior service. Sit back and enjoy high speed service on InterCity-Express (ICE) trains to destinations including Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and more.

ICE trains reach speeds up to 320 km/hr, getting you to and from popular German cities in record time with an extensive rail network offering over 26,000 daily train trips! Passengers will appreciate the ample leg space and comfortable seating aboard these trains. Access to quiet zones, Wi-Fi, restaurants and more are provided on Deutsch Bahn trains.

Internet access on German trains

Why choose Deutsche Bahn E-tickets?

  • High speed ICE trains reach up to 320 km/h, all offering a variety of comfortable and modern seating
  • Reach the cities of your choice in Germany thanks to an extensive network with over 26,000 daily train trips

Or if you’re buying more than one ticket, consider buying a rail pass, as it can be cheaper and offers more flexibility.

Deutsche Bahn E-tickets Discount

  • Child discount - Children aged 6-14 travel free of charge if they are accompanied by one adult with either a Sparpreis or a Flexpreis ticket. Children under 6 can travel without a ticket and do not require an accompanying adult’s ticket

Deutsche Bahn E-ticket Fare Types

  • Flexpreis (Flexible fare) - Hop on any train you wish without having to pre-select your train.
  • Sparpreis (Saver fare) - Enjoy affordable rail travel on board regional and ICE trains.

Suggested Itineraries

Munich – Frankfurt – Cologne – Berlin

Hop aboard high speed ICE trains to explore these popular cities in Germany.

From Munich to Frankfurt
Estimated travel time: 4h25m

From Frankfurt to Cologne
Estimated travel time: 3h07m

From Cologne to Berlin
Estimated travel time: 3h50m

Services on ICE trains

ICE Trains

  • Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Rest areas where music, cell phones and loud activity are not permitted
  • Optimised mobile phone areas
  • Locker access on ICE trains while away from your seat
  • Taxi or porter requests welcome
  • Air conditioning
  • Some first class trains have video screens at each seat
  • Most first class seats have an integrated audio connection for radio station access
  • Electric outlets are available on almost all first class carriages
  • Food and beverages are available at BordBistro or BordRestaurants as well as at your seat

Intercity Trains

  • On-board catering
  • Electric outlets are available at table seats of the middle aisle in carriages of first and second class
  • BoardBistro or BoardRestaurants for food and beverages


All ordinary-size luggage can be stored in the storage areas above your seat on ICE trains. Larger items can be placed in identified areas between seats.


Bicycles are allowed on Intercity trains with a separate ticket and reservation.


Travelling with your dog is permitted, free of charge, unless your pet does not fit in hand luggage or in a transport container. In that case, you will need to pay a fee equivalent to a child’s fare for both standard and saver fares. Larger dogs will require a leash and muzzle for safety reasons (except guide dogs for the blind). Seats cannot be reserved for dogs.


All ICE trains are user and family-friendly, with special facilities for the disabled and families with infants. Assistance is available at over 300 stations at no additional charge.

Rail Passes for travel in Germany

Top Attractions in Germany

Cologne Cathedral
A World Heritage site, this Roman Catholic Church is the most visited landmark in Germany. Construction began in the 13th century but the cathedral was only completed in 1880.

Kaiserburg (Imperial Castle)
Resting high above the city of Nurembourg, this castle housed the Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire from 1050 to 1571.

Since the 12th century, Marienplatz has been Munich’s main square with monuments such as “New Town Hall” (Neus Rathaus). The Glockenspiel, located within “New Town Hall”, attracts a large number of tourists daily with its chimes and life-size figures re-enacting historical events.

The Jüdisches Museum (Jewish Museum) 
Located in Berlin, this museum offers visitors an in-depth history lesson on Jewish culture told through film, art, documentation and more.

Main Tower 
One of the tallest buildings in Frankfurt, the Main Tower shows off a 360 degree view of the city skyline from 200 metres above Frankfurt. It is the only skyscraper open to visitors where they can appreciate stunning views from the platform, or enjoy a meal or drink from the top floor of the tower.