Sweden’s SJ E-tickets with Reservation

Schedules for SJ are not available after January 1st 2024

SJWhile traveling through Sweden you will not only appreciate its beautiful landscapes and trendy designs; you will also fall for its ultra-modern high speed train network making traveling through this Scandinavian gem a breeze! With your SJ E-ticket and Reservation enjoy frequent and fast connections to your choice of destinations throughout Sweden, such as the colorful coastal cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. You can also easily opt for international journeys from Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark, Oslo in Norway and beyond with an SJ E-ticket and Reservation!

Why Choose SJ E-Tickets?

  • The price includes a seat reservation!
  • Pick your route anywhere in Sweden, including popular international destinations in Scandinavia.
  • In addition to SJ, passengers can travel on the large majority of Sweden’s public transport system under the Resplus – Samtrafiken banner, such as tickets for Arlanda Express, Snälltåget and Öresundståg.
  • Fully electronic issuing process. Following your purchase, a link to the E-ticket PDF will be included in your email confirmation. You will be able to download and print the E-ticket from any printer. Exception: tickets purchased more than 90 days ahead of travel need to be collected on departure. Passengers collect their ticket on departure from an SJ ticket machine at the station, or at Swedish Pressbyran or Swedish 7-Eleven stores, using their railway confirmation number.

Or if you’re buying more than one ticket, consider buying a rail pass, as it can be cheaper and offers more flexibility.

SJ E-Ticket Discounts

Child, Youth and Family Offers

Many Swedish carriers offer favorable discounts for children and youth. SJ offers a family discount in 2nd Class where two children up to the age of 15 can travel with an adult ticket holder. Possible booking, seat reservation, and service fees, as well as, fees for beds on night trains may apply. SJ offers a youth discount where passengers under the age of 26 save up to 30% off SJ`s day train tickets and up to 15% off SJ`s night train tickets. Discounts will vary from one carrier to the next. Applicable discounts automatically appear when booking a journey.

SJ E-Ticket Classes

1st Class

Travel in 1st class and get access to the lounges in Stockholm and Gothenburg, while enjoying roomier seats with more legroom and extra service such as breakfast on departures before 9am on SJ`s high speed trains, coffee or tea and surf for free with 4G.

2nd Class

In 2nd class enjoy comfortable seats, surf for free with 4G on SJ`s high speed trains and you can visit the bistro on board to buy sandwiches, drinks and snacks.

SJ Night Trains

Travel overnight on SJ`s night trains along these direct routes: Gothenburg - Östersund, Gothenburg - Luleå, Stockholm - Östersund, Stockholm - Luleå, Malmö – Stockholm, plus the option to connect to these smaller towns: Are, Kiruna, Narvik in Norway and Sundsvall. Enjoy a meal and drink in the bistro car and even an on board cinema on select trains, then retire for the night to your chosen accommodation, either a seat, bunk in a 6-bed couchette cabin, bunk in a 3-bed sleeper cabin or private sleeping cabin with your own W/C and shower.

SJ E-Ticket Fare Types

  • SJ-Resplus E-Ticket and Reservation - Base Fare: the base fare is fully refundable prior to train departure and non-refundable after train departure.
  • SJ-Resplus E-Ticket and Reservation - Non Refundable: this fare is non-refundable at all times.


You can carry on luggage that you can carry and stow yourself, up to two suitcases (maximum dimensions of 80x50x35cm), along with a computer bag/handbag.

Rail Passes for Travel in Sweden

Seat Reservations

Your SJ E-ticket includes travel in a specific seat.

E-Ticket Delivery

Receive your e-ticket as a PDF document, which you can print at home and is valid for travel.