Mother’s Day around the world


7 rail passes to destinations where mothers are praised

When May comes along, we take the opportunity to praise a very important person in our lives, our mothers. Mother’s Day is a tradition that’s celebrated all around the world, with different countries showing their love and appreciation sometimes in very unique ways. We’ll highlight traditions from 7 countries and some rail passes that could make great mother’s gifts.

In Britain, many kids will bake an almond-rich “Mothering Cake” or “Simnel Cake”. Also, if you’re a mom, be prepared to receive lots of flowers, especially roses, carnations and chrysanthemums!
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In Belgium, Mother’s Day is meant for mom to stay in bed and relax. Her kids will bring hand made presents to her and the father will bring her sweet bread and delicious morning pastries.
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In Spain, family members present hand crafted gifts to mom. In addition, Mother’s Day is the day Catholics celebrate the Virgin Mary.
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In Sweden, Mother’s Day is on the last week of May and resembles a birthday celebration. On that day, everyone goes outside to pick flowers for mom.
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In Italy, children will give their mother a paper bag filled with poems and drawings that they prepared for the occasion.
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In Australia, people wear carnations to honour their mothers. Colored carnations represent their living mother and white carnations represent their deceased mother. Australians will also honor their grandmothers, and women they look up to.
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In Japan, carnations are also a common flower gifted to mothers. The flower represents sweetness, purity and endurance. In addition, there are many public gatherings highlighted by the reciting of special prayers.
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