BritRail LogoBritRail provides international visitors to the UK with the freedom to keep to a flexible schedule while traveling throughout British rail’s extensive national network. BritRail’s range of rail passes offers unlimited train trips on each travel day as you journey across England, Scotland and Wales. Choose the pass that best suits your itinerary and hop on and off the train at exciting destinations like Edinburgh, London and Cardiff! What better way to visit Britain’s historic castles and countless landmarks than by train?

Your Options

Valid for travel in England, Wales and Scotland with Flexible or Consecutive durations.  You have the freedom to hop on and off the trains as you please!

There are BritRail Passes that cover the entire National Rail network or choose more regional passes.

Britain Seat reservations

Available Classes

You have the option to choose between First Class and Standard Class. First Class offers more space, comfort and is mostly less busy.

Please note:  First Class is not offered on all services.  Local and regional services often only have Standard Class accommodation.

Seat Reservations

Seat Reservations are never mandatory in Britain but we do recommend them at peak times. Planning ahead and securing a reservation ensures your preferred seat and a smoother travel experience.

Select Your Pass

Your Type of Ticket Options

BritRail passes are still available as printed tickets that will be shipped to you.  However, for convenience, ease of travel and to save on shipping costs, choose the M-Pass option. The process is simple: an activation link will be sent to you. When you are ready to use the pass, follow the steps in the check-in. Make sure to include your first day of use or days of use and once you’re done, your M-Pass will be ready for download! This can be scanned at the train station and on board. Those who purchase a Flexible M-Pass are eligible for one free seat reservation.

Please note: The free seat reservation becomes available upon pass activation.

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