Swiss Rail

Swiss Rail train tickets offer visitors travel to spectacular cities including Interlaken, Spiez, Bern, Basel, Geneva, Luzern and Zurich! Switzerland is known for its natural wonders, majestic mountains, historic cities and stunning lakes. The best way to see all of this is by train with rail service provided by SBB. Relax while on board and enjoy modern amenities and catered service. Passengers can also take advantage of quiet zones and family coaches!

Train journeys between popular routes such as Interlaken to Spiez and Bern to Interlaken bring passengers to their destinations in only 21 and 50 minutes each! Situated between two lakes, Interlaken is a magnificent town with spectacular views and numerous tourist activities such as cross-country skiing, river rafting and sky diving. With the beautiful scenery of rolling hills, sparkling lakes and snow-capped mountains along the way, travelers will quickly understand why buying Swiss Rail train tickets is a must.

Suggested itineraries

Zurich – Luzern – Interlaken – Spiez – Bern – Geneva This scenic route features Switzerland’s most popular stops, all under two hours! From Zurich to Luzern Estimated travel time: 46m From Luzern to Interlaken Ost (East) Estimated travel time: 1h51m From Interlaken Ost (East) to Spiez Estimated travel time: 21m From Spiez to Bern Estimated travel time: 29m From Bern to Geneva Estimated travel time: 1h41m

Services on Swiss Rail

  • Baggage services including door to door delivery
  • Onboard bistros, restaurants and mini-bars
  • Family and quiet zones


Luggage should not weigh more than 25kg each and can be delivered directly to a Swiss destination for a reasonable fee.


Bicycles with a valid bike ticket are allowed on trains operated by the SBB railway network. There is no additional charge for folded bikes, which must be stored or carried along as hand luggage.


Small dogs up to 30cm in height at the top of their shoulder blades are allowed at no charge if they travel in a suitable container. Larger dogs are permitted onboard Swiss Rail trains at the price of half a second-class fare.


Swiss Rail train travel is very accessible for individuals with various handicaps including those with hearing, walking and sight impairments. Assistance from the SBB railway staff is available and train platforms have been adapted to reduce the barriers for handicapped travelers

Rail Passes for travel in Switzerland

Top Attractions in Switzerland

Swiss National Park, Zernez
Make a stop at Switzerland’s only national park and be dazzled by the beauty of the alpine landscape. With over 170 square kilometers to explore, the wildlife and breathtaking scenery will explain why it is the largest protected area in Switzerland.

The Matterhorn, Zermatt 
Bordering Italy, the Matterhorn is the most photographed mountain in the world with a summit reaching over 4000 meters. The village of Zermatt, at the bottom of the mountain, offers world famous restaurants, hotels and of course, a popular ski area.

The Rhine Falls, near Schaffhausen 
Over 15,000 years old, this national landmark is Europe’s largest waterfall and easily welcomes visitors by car, bicycle or train. Attractions include a medieval castle that hosts a restaurant, shops and a youth hostel.

Chillon Castle, Montreux 
Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, this castle is the most visited historical building in Switzerland. From gothic underground architecture to the four formal great halls that serve breathtaking views of the lake, there is plenty to explore at Chillon Castle.

The Seilpark Interlaken 
Outdoor adventure seekers will not want to miss the experience of zip lining, swinging like Tarzan and crossing wooden bridges across the forest! Courses are available based on skill level and are offered to individuals and groups alike.

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