Seat Reservations

Seat Reservations for Passholders and Open Ticket holders


Currently our site is only offering seat reservations for Passholders on UK, Swedish, Thalys and Eurostar Trains.

Sorry for the inconvenience. More services will be added soon.

What is a Seat Reservation?

Seat reservations, are at times required or recommended for holders of a rail pass or train ticket.

When a seat reservation or supplement is required, the cost is not included in the pass. The seat reservation cost varies depending on the country, type of train and date of purchase and travel. A seat reservation can be made per person, per train for a nominal fee and is only valid for use on the specific train, date and time for which it was purchased.

Why Choose Seat Reservations?

Traveling with a rail pass? Some routes require that you reserve a seat, so book now and arrive prepared.

Traveling in high-season? Please note that on some trains the number of seats for pass holders is limited so reserve your seats well in advance.

On a tight schedule? Have the peace of mind that you are guaranteed a seat on the train of your choice.

Seat Reservations in Britain

When traveling with a BritRail Pass, seat reservations are not required and you can sit in any available seat. If you would like to be assured a seat for a specific route, you can make a BritRail Seat Reservation.

Seat reservations are available in adult fares, in either First or Standard Class but please note that the Class must match the Class on your BritRail Pass. In other words, if your BritRail Pass is valid for travel in Standard Class then you cannot make a seat reservation to travel in First Class.