How to plan a Scandinavia Triangle trip

Whether you’re planning a warm-weather trip or a winter visit, a smart way to experience the diversity of Scandinavia is to take the train around the Golden Triangle—Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. No matter which city centre you start from, along the way you can visit Danish castles, sample… more>

Nov 11th
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Arlanda Express to Stockholm

Arlanda Express is the fastest option between Stockholm Central Station and Arlanda Airport, transporting you in comfort in just 20 minutes.

If you’re arriving in or departing from Stockholm, book your Arlanda Express ticket so you can travel to central Stockholm with ease. Departing as often as every… more>

Jun 11th
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Travel from Malmö to Stockholm, Berlin or Åre

Malmö to Stockholm on Snälltåget

If you’re traveling around Sweden, we’ve got you covered with the complete range of train tickets and rail passes to choose from. And now we’ve added Snälltåget to the list, offering daily service between Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden… more>

Jun 11th
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10 Christmas markets across Europe

Winter holidays in Europe are often associated with the spectacular Christmas markets. Stop by Berlin for complete immersion in a city with dozens of markets, opt for a family-oriented experience in Brussel’s or try out the local food in Budapest. Take advantage of the Eurail… more>

Dec 3rd
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Ottsworld – Northern Europe from the window seat

Sherry Ott used a Eurail Global Pass from and traveled across northern Europe. Here’s the second part of her trip that took her to destinations in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

You can find the first part of her trip right… more>

Jun 20th
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Ottsworld – A journey through Northern Europe

By Sherry Ott

When you look out a plane window you get such an unusual perspective of the world.  It’s small, organized, tidy, and very far away. It hardly feels real. When I’m flying into a new country, I often feel like there is a big… more>

Jun 13th
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A tale of two Scandinavian cities

Sweden’s best from Stockholm to Goteborg

Sweden is as beautiful as it is peaceful, the country attracts a lot of visitors enjoying outdoor activities and its Nordic winters. Stockholm and Göteborg are among its most popular destinations and allows for a world of discoveries…. more>

Feb 1st
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Oslo to Stockholm by Train

For the ultimate chance to take in Europe at your own leisurely pace, why not head further north to the relaxed havens of Oslo and Stockholm, connected so conveniently by rail? Use your rail pass or point-to-point ticket to combine the trendy affluence of the… more>

Aug 10th
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Eurail Sweden Pass “Free Day” Promotion

Get one free travel day on a 6 or 8 day Eurail Sweden Pass!

On sale: January 1, 2012 – March 31, 2012

Enjoy spectacular views as you discover Sweden with a Eurail Sweden Pass, including visits to Sweden’s 3 largest cities: Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö.


Jan 4th
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Sweden: The gateway to Scandinavia by rail

Did you know that you can access many great cities in Scandinavia with a Eurail Sweden Pass (for international visitors) or an InterRail Sweden Pass (for European residents)?

A Sweden rail pass provides access to your choice of destinations, including major cities like Stockholm,… more>

May 4th
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