Taking the Sleeper Train from London to Penzance

By Sharon Whitley Larsen

“You must go to St. Ives!” our British friend in Yorkshire told us. My husband Carl and I, longtime Anglophiles, have toured most of the United Kingdom — mostly by train, which we love. Recently, after revisiting North Wales and Liverpool and with… more>

Feb 7th
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Top 20 Towns to Visit in Britain

Although it’s no big surprise that London is listed as #1, it’s clear that there are a number of other exciting cities that also attract visitors throughout Britain.  For example, at #2 the beautiful city of Edinburgh is an enchanting place to explore, where Edinburgh Castle sits atop… more>

Oct 31st
Posted by Angela in United Kingdom

Heritage Railways Throughout the UK

By Carl H. Larsen I didn’t know my BritRail Pass allowed me to walk back in time, so it was a surprise to learn that pass holders can receive substantial discounts on a wide number of “heritage railways” throughout the UK, many… more>

Oct 4th
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A New Yorker’s Weekend in the English Country

The quest for England’s best cheese

By Matthew Wexler

I am a New Yorker, and by definition (as much as I hate to admit it), I am occasionally afflicted with the “Me First, Out of My Way” syndrome. This usually involves eye-rolling and raging heart palpitations. Train… more>

Jun 13th
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Amtrak’s USA Rail Pass

Travel throughout the United States

With 46 states and over 500 destinations, the options are endless when traveling on Amtrak’s rail network.  It’s hard to know where to begin so here are just a few favourite American train routes you could enjoy with Amtrak’s USA Rail… more>

Jun 9th
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Day 7 – Tour York and Savour Liverpool, oh my!

May 20, meet Ellie, The European Eagle Owl, housed along with other birds of prey on Swinton Park Castle’s grounds.  After learning about all the resident birds, Ellie was released and invited to fly, and then land on each of our hands, with the help… more>

Day 6 – A First Class Experience: TransPennine Express & Castle Stay at Swinton Park

May 19, after a night pub hopping in Edinburgh we woke up and headed out for a morning tour aboard City Sightseeing Edinburgh, which once again highlighted interesting historical buildings and attractions en route, where we hopped off at Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile.

With an… more>

BritRail’s Very Own UK Adventure

Follow our journey through England, Scotland & Wales

By: Angela Guezen

Yours truly was given two weeks, two BritRail Passes and free reign to create an awesome itinerary. Along with my travel buddy, who is also a great photographer, we plan on exploring the likes of London, Glasgow,… more>

May 6th
Posted by Angela in Angela and Jen's UK Adventures

BritRail Teams up with Heritage Railways

Present any BritRail Pass and receive a discount off admission to these Heritage Railways

BritRail in conjunction with the Heritage Railways Association (HRA) is offering up to 25% off the admission of many HRA’s railways all over the U.K. Take a ride on many turn of… more>

Apr 20th
Posted by Angela in Europe,United Kingdom

What’s New in England

From enchanted palaces to Shakespeare theatres


England has so many places to visit, from historic properties, to modern cities and coastal getaways; it’s tricky to make an itinerary that covers it all.  On that note, here are a few new attractions to add to the list, that… more>

Mar 31st
Posted by Angela in Europe,United Kingdom
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