FAQ – I would like to travel the popular route from London to Glasgow. Can you please outline the train stations, expected travel times, train frequency and any other details of what I may experience on this route?

You will depart from London Euston and arrive at Glasgow Central train station.  Depending on the train, the trip duration ranges from approximately 4hr 8min to 4hr 30min on direct routes.  On average a train departs every hour but during peak times the frequency is as often as every 30 minutes.  Virgin Trains service this route, where you can look forward to the comforts of the Pendolino trains.

In first class you get free Wi-Fi, and standard class passengers may also use Wi-Fi internet for a fee.  Also in First Class when traveling from Monday to Friday, enjoy The Great British Breakfast before 10am*.  Other First Class meal services include sandwiches and snacks Monday to Friday from 11:00 until 16:00 and after 19:00*or evening meals served from 17:00 until 19:00* on week days…and all served at your seat. (*On select services.)

And the view through your window will begin by being somewhat industrial as you make your way out of London, after which you will pass along the Grand Union Canal.  Further north, you will enjoy views passing between the scenic Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District.  On to Scotland, cross the border north of Carlisle and go through The Scottish Borders, which is an area of hilly countryside and quaint towns.  Then it’s off to Carstairs, an important train intersection, which will then branch off towards your arrival in Glasgow.  Happy travels!

You can enjoy this route and many others throughout Great Britain’s National Rail Network with a BritRail Pass.

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  1. Karen Bretherton

    The train from London to Glasgow runs through Lancashire
    not Yorkshire.
    The scenery from start to destination is wonderful!

  2. Edw.j.Tate

    I travel with this train every year in October.. Euston – Glasgow. I could fly, but why ? a great trip, and great service, and I am not kidding..

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