Top 20 Towns to Visit in Britain

Although it’s no big surprise that London is listed as #1, it’s clear that there are a number of other exciting cities that also attract visitors throughout Britain.  For example, at #2 the beautiful city of Edinburgh is an enchanting place to explore, where Edinburgh Castle sits atop Castle Rock and offers amazing views of its surroundings – Scotland’s capital.  And listed at #3, Manchester, not only known for its football (or soccer) matches it also attracts visitors thanks to its numerous museums, restaurants, bars and trendy neighborhoods.

With excellent rail links throughout the UK, discover these top 20 towns and beyond, all covered with a BritRail Pass.

1    London
2    Edinburgh
3    Manchester
4    Birmingham
5    Glasgow
6    Liverpool
7    Oxford
8    Bristol
9    Cambridge
10    Brighton / Hove
11    Bath
12    Cardiff
13    Inverness
14    Newcastle-upon-Tyne
15    Nottingham
16    York
17    Leeds
18    Aberdeen
19    Southampton
20    Windsor

*Source – Visit Britain 2010

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