The Central Europe Triangle Pass

A new pass that lets you discover Vienna, Prague, Salzburg & Budapest

The new Central Europe Triangle Pass is valid for three one-way trips on one of the following routes:

Vienna-Budapest-Prague-Vienna Vienna-Salzburg-Prague-Vienna

Your journey can start in any one of the mentioned cities and you can… more>

Jan 28th
Posted by Ruben in Europe

10 Christmas markets across Europe

Winter holidays in Europe are often associated with the spectacular Christmas markets. Stop by Berlin for complete immersion in a city with dozens of markets, opt for a family-oriented experience in Brussel’s or try out the local food in Budapest. Take advantage of the Eurail… more>

Dec 3rd
Posted by Ruben in Discounts,Europe

Europe by train – the start of IndieRail

Full-time travellers and podcasters Craig and Linda Martin had the chance to travel with a Eurail Global Pass from Here’s what they got up to on the first half of “IndieRail” — an independent train… more>

Feb 6th
Posted by Ruben in Contributors,Europe

Planning your First InterRail Trip

By: Jools Stone

So you’ve gone and booked your InterRail or Eurail Pass* and you’re all set for an epic adventure on and off the rails. Good choice, you’re sure to have a ball weaving your way across one of… more>

Nov 23rd
Posted by Ruben in Contributors,Europe

The Perfect Pair

Favorite European combos

When selecting a rail pass for travel in Europe, you’ll soon discover that there are so many inviting options.  From the Eurail Global Pass covering travel throughout 22 countries, to a variety of multi-country combinations.  Here are some of our most popular rail pass pairs:


Sep 2nd
Posted by Angela in Europe,Italy

Festivals in Austria

A Eurail Austria Pass can take you there

Austria offers up a diverse list of festivals, many of which highlight its famous scene for opera and classical music.  Although there are roughly 200 festivals in Austria here is a quick preview of the three I wouldn’t… more>

Feb 7th
Posted by Angela in Europe

Save 15% Off Austria

With a Eurail Austria Pass

Enjoy train travel throughout Austria and save 15% off the price of a second class Eurail Austria Pass if you purchase by March 31st, 2011.  Rail travel in Austria is a breeze, thanks to beautifully modern trains and frequent connections to all your… more>

Jan 7th
Posted by Angela in Europe

Don’t want to miss Turkey & Slovakia?

Check out a Balkan Flexi or European East Pass

Although Turkey and Slovakia cannot be travelled with a Eurail Pass, we have 2 other passes that can take you there!  The Balkan Flexi Pass includes Turkey, plus Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia.  Select from… more>

Oct 8th
Posted by Angela in Europe

Discover Eastern Europe

By Riding the Rails in Poland, Hungary & Beyond

Europe is known for being one of the best destinations to travel by rail, namely because the countries are so close together and the trains have a reputation for being high speed, comfortable, clean and safe.  The… more>

Aug 6th
Posted by Angela in Europe

Summer Vacation Destination: Italy

High speed trains offer frequent service

Train travel is certainly the most convenient and relaxing way to get around Italy, especially if you want to avoid driving while figuring out road directions, lining up to pay highway tolls, and parking in Italy’s big cities. Trenitalia trains cover… more>

Apr 8th
Posted by Angela in Europe,Italy
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