The Perfect Pair

Favorite European combos

When selecting a rail pass for travel in Europe, you’ll soon discover that there are so many inviting options.  From the Eurail Global Pass covering travel throughout 22 countries, to a variety of multi-country combinations.  Here are some of our most popular rail pass pairs:

France & Italy

With the France – Italy Eurail Pass enjoy France’s high speed TGV rail network while marveling at the vineyards in Champagne and hopping off the train in Paris.  Moving on to Italy, one will discover historic monuments, remote countrysides, and street side cafes with an itinerary that covers these vibrant cities: Rome, Florence, Sicily, Naples and Venice.

Germany & Switzerland

With a Germany – Switzerland Eurail Pass travel between Switzerland and Germany by hopping on and off the train as often as you like.  It’s easy to say that these two countries are best traveled by train – thanks to the journey itself, featuring comfortable trains and several scenic routes. While in Switzerland, ski the Swiss alps, relax in a luxury spa and venture to Geneva and Zurich on frequent services (often hourly).  And while in Germany sit back and enjoy the ride between these unforgettable cities: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and many more!

Austria & Czech Republic

The Austria – Czech Republic Eurail Pass serves up the magical duo of Prague and Vienna, and that’s just the beginning! Austrian railways are renowned for being very well connected and punctual, making train travel in Austria a convenient option for visitors. With a Eurail Pass enjoy travel aboard its modern and comfortable services including InterCity and EuroCityrail trains from Vienna to Linz, Salzburg, Graz and beyond.  Then onto the Czech Republic to explore this fascinating country with ease! Visit an actual region called Bohemia, dreamy spa towns, endless beer gardens and Prague’s rich culture and stunning architecture…all of this and much more is what maintains the Czech Republic as a top tourist destination.

Italy & Spain

With an Italy – Spain Eurail Pass explore Spain’s beautiful Mediterranean beaches and vibrant cities of Barcelona and Madrid.  Moving onto Italy, your Eurail Pass will take you there in comfort, from Rome to Florence to Milan to Venice to Pisa to Tuscany and beyond! Traveling by train in Italy is a real treat as many services are high speed, complete with modern amenities on board, not to mention the spectacular views!

France & Benelux

With the France – Benelux Eurail Pass tour throughout France and Benelux – made up of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.  France is an ideal country to explore by train, as there are simply so many places of interest, not to mention its superbly modern and high speed TGV trains. With a Eurail Pass travel your heart out between Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Avignon and beyond.  Then onto Benelux, where you can be sure to include Amsterdam and Brussels on your itinerary rich with history, architecture and art.



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