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BritRail’s Free Day Promotion and the Oyster Card Giveaway


Receive an additional day of rail travel when you book a BritRail Pass

The BritRail Free Day Promotion gives you one additional day of rail travel for free on BritRail’s most popular passes. With a BritRail Pass, you can hop on and off trains at will while traveling anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales. With the extra day, you have a chance to add a few more destinations to your list such as Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham and more.

Adding value to your pass are the BritRail Bonus Offers from which you can make savings in various places and attractions, often by simply presenting your BritRail Pass.

The BritRail Free Day Promotion is offered on all BritRail Passes and BritRail England Passes, in First or Standard Class. Any eligible passes purchased between July 15th and August 31st, 2014 will receive an additional day of rail travel to extend their validity.

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Take advantage of the Oyster Card giveaway! By entering the coupon code FREEOYSTER during checkout, users will receive a free 15£ Oyster Card for travel by bus and underground transport within London. That’s not all though as the Oyster Card now give access to over 20 exclusive discounts at leading London restaurants and shops including Victoria & Albert Museum, Liberty, M& M’s and Foyles bookshop.

Make sure you place your order quickly though as this special giveaway is available for a limited time only, while supplies last.

[UPDATE] The Oyster Card giveaway is no longer available 


17 Responses
      1. Trevor

        I too bought my rail pass a few months back. However, I bought it from the British Tourist Authority as it worked out cheaper than through my South African outlet. I was fearful of a potential price increase. Also bought an Oyster card at the same time.

    1. RubenBastien

      Thanks for showing interest in the BritRail Pass. We comply with the guidelines set by the train operating companies in the UK, and as such we announced this promotion for the dates they have selected.

      1. Bob

        Also just purchased BritRail passes on July 7th and could have used that extra day, Seems very unfair that we are not able to take advantage of this arbitrary offer date just because we were being proactive in booking our travel arrangements well in advance.

    1. RubenBastien

      The BritRail South West Pass does not come with an extra day. The Extra Day Promotion is only offered on the regular BritRail Pass and the BritRail England Pass.

  1. Steven Beasley

    Bought passes with the extra day promotion for the past four years. Searched for the promotion this year and did not find it. Purchased my pass without the promotion. Now I find the promotion is offered and I don’t qualify, Does not seem right!

  2. Eric

    I am mad – just bought ticket two weeks ago – it just arrived and then this promotion of an extra day came up. There needs to be flexibility to allow those of us an extra day.

  3. Randy

    I agree with the others who are expressing their disappointment with
    this offer. The e-mail arrived on the 18th for a promotion that starts
    on the 15th after I purchased first class tickets on the 12th! Its not
    like I purchase Britrail tickets every month! Once every few years is
    more typical.

  4. JudyGreg

    They usually announce this promo in April. Because they didn’t and prices had risen so much we changed our destination to a driving trip thru Ireland. Not good for Britrail!

  5. Marion

    Me too. Just received my pass dated 14th July. Pretty disgusted that the extra day was not added. Would like a response from ACP.

  6. Roger. From Canada

    This later than usual promotion is a poor business decisionby the Britrail people. In future, more and more travelers are going to delay buying or not buy at all, which will mean Britrail loses a great deal of income. They should consider rewarding those who purchase tickets early,not the ones who buy later. A very poor decision by those responsible

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