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Your pass to the Scandinavian capitals, with travel included to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo! Discover Sweden – where natural beauty and modern living are in perfect harmony.  Visit Stockholm’s magical archipelago, Lapland’s Northern Lights, midnight sun and much more with unlimited rail travel in Sweden.

Where can the pass be used?

Sweden’s national railway company: SJ.

Also valid on direct border-crossing trains to select destinations outside of Sweden including:

  • Direct SJ trains to/from Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport
  • Direct border crossing trains from Stockholm to Oslo
  • Direct trains between Malmö and Berlin (Germany)
  • Direct trains between Sweden and Narvik (Norway)

Also valid on these private railway lines in Sweden:

  • Arlanda Express
  • Arriva - Inlandsbanan
  • JLT (local train services in Småland)
  • Norrtåg
  • Öresund trains
  • Skånetrafiken
  • Snälltåget
  • Tågåkeriet i Bergslagen
  • Tågkompaniet
  • Värmlandstrafik (local train services in Värmland)
  • Västtrafik (local train services in Western Sweden)

You can buy a Eurail Pass if you are a resident of a non-European country. Proof of citizenship can be established by a passport/identity card. Proof of residence can be established by government issued residency documents, such as a driver’s licence and utility bill.

You are not eligible to travel with this pass if you are a resident of Sweden.

Pre-booking time

The pass must be validated within 11 months of purchase.


Youth Pass

Discount for youth 27 years or younger

Family Discount

For each accompanying adult, two children (ages 4-11) travel free. Additional children pay the youth fare.

Children 4-

Children under the age of 4 travel free.


Travelers that are 60 years and over get a 10% discount on standard adult Eurail prices with a Senior Pass. 

Bonuses & Inclusions

Free Benefits

If you travel on a Eurail Global Pass or a Eurail One Country Pass, you can only use a free benefit on a day which you fill in on your Pass (a travel day). For free passage on international routes, the Eurail Pass must be valid for the country of departure AND the country of arrival. For domestic travel, your Eurail Pass must be valid in the country you travel in.

Reduced Fares

Please note that reduction benefits do not require the use of a travel day on your Eurail Pass. If traveling at a reduced rate, the travel may take place at any time, provided it is within the overall validity of the Eurail Pass, even if all the travel days in the calendar have been used up. For a reduced passage on international routes, the Eurail Pass must be valid for the country of departure OR the country of arrival. For domestic travel, your Eurail Pass must be valid in the country you travel in.

Additional Details

Various high-speed and night trains require reservations to be made prior to travel. To book your advanced reservations please go to “Reservations for passholders

Pass Delivery

Eurail Paper Passes have been replaced with Mobile Passes.

  1. Customers purchasing Eurail passes now receive a 6 character pass number upon their order confirmation.
  2. If the Mobile pass was purchased on the web, the confirmation will be sent a few minutes after the order is completed.
  3. To use the pass, passholders must install the Eurail Rail Planner App from their App store.
  4. Then they must enter the pass number along with their name to add the pass in the mobile phone App and follow instruction in the App to activate the pass.
Seat Reservations

A seat reservation is optional but recommended in order to guarantee a seat on a specific train and time. Reserve a seat.

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