Eurail Early Bird Promotion

Extra travel days with your Eurail Global Pass

Get a Eurail Global Pass between February 1 and March 31, 2014 and receive free extra travel days on your pass. Eurail Global Passes can be activated within 6 months of their date of purchase. Which… more>

Jan 31st
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German Rail Pass Springtime Special

Save up to 20% off select German Rail Passes

Purchase your German Rail Pass between February 1st and April 30th, 2014 and save up to 20% on a 10-day pass or up to 10% on a 5-day pass with the German Rail… more>

Jan 31st
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Rome during the holidays

Between Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Epiphany, there is a lot going on in Rome during the winter months. The city is arguably the capital of Christianity and, as such, finely ties in the different holidays to their religious roots. Around Christmas, the main type of decorations… more>

Dec 6th
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Eurail Off Peak Promotion

Up to 20% off Eurail Global and Select Passes

As we’re approaching the time for giving, the Eurail Off Peak Promotion gets us in the spirit with an awesome offer that arrives just in time for the holiday shopping season. Look no further, because with the… more>

Oct 30th
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Great Savings with the German Rail Pass Promotion

Save up to 20% on a German Rail Pass and Discover Southern Germany with special bonus offers.

With the German Rail Pass Promotion, purchased between October 1st and December 7th, 2013, you’re entitled to free city cards, discounts and free admission to tours and museums… more>

Sep 30th
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FAQ: What are the advantages of choosing a rail pass vs train tickets?

One of the most frequent questions people ask when planning train travel in Europe is whether they should consider buying a Eurail Pass (or InterRail Pass for European Residents) or train tickets. Here, we compare the two options and highlight the main features… more>

Aug 28th
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BritRail’s family discounts

Save when traveling with your very own little “princes and princesses”

Following the arrival of the Royal baby, we thought it’s the perfect opportunity to remind you that BritRail is a baby friendly and a family friendly way to journey across the UK. Read on to… more>

Aug 2nd
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Save up to 20% off BritRail Passes

Great value on autumn and winter travel

Now’s the time to appreciate low season travel to Britain, where you can avoid the summer crowds and enjoy great savings! Explore England, Scotland and Wales this November, December, January or February and save up to 20% off BritRail’s most… more>

Sep 10th
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UK Inspired! Get Free BritRail Upgrade to 1st Class for 2013 Travel

From July 20th to August 31st, 2012

With Britain in the spotlight this summer, it’s sure to inspire viewers to add this beautiful destination to their 2013 travel plans. And now you get a free upgrade to 1st class for 2013… more>

Jul 19th
Posted by Angela in United Kingdom

Endlessly and Effortlessly Enjoying Britain by Rail

By: Ruth J. Katz  (Style and Travel Editor / Promenade Magazine / New York City)

Just in time for an upcoming trip to London, BritRail has sent me, in my inbox, a missive touting a promotion on rail travel.  How lucky am I?  It’s not enough that… more>

Mar 15th
Posted by Angela in Contributors,United Kingdom
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