London Visitor Travel Card

5 Spooky ghost tours in Britain : just in time for Halloween

Victims of a tragic fate, souls that cannot rest in peace, spirits roaming around in towns and castles… learn the stories of Britain’s notorious ghosts. This Halloween season, we look at 5 walks and tours that will have you shaking in your boots, so grab your BritRail Pass and head to these famously haunted locations. 1....
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FAQ – Does a BritRail Pass cover travel on London’s city transport, such as the underground and buses?

A BritRail Pass doesn’t include travel on London’s city transport.  However, one of the best features of train travel is that you arrive in the city center so from there, the closest underground or bus is usually just a hop, skip or jump away…especially in London. For those visitors that plan on visiting London, an...
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FAQ – What’s the best way to travel around downtown London?

London is best traveled by tube and bus, especially when using a prepaid card, which saves you time and money on London’s public transit.  Either an Oyster Card or a London Visitor Travel Card is great to have during your stay in London, as using the underground and bus network is much more affordable and...
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