FAQ – Does a BritRail Pass cover travel on London’s city transport, such as the underground and buses?

A BritRail Pass doesn’t include travel on London’s city transport.  However, one of the best features of train travel is that you arrive in the city center so from there, the closest underground or bus is usually just a hop, skip or jump away…especially in London.

For those visitors that plan on visiting London, an Oyster Card or London Visitor Travel Card is a great compliment to your BritRail Pass.

The Oyster Card is a popular way to get around London.  It’s a smartcard that has a prepaid amount on it and calculates the best fare for the day, never charging more than the price of a day travel card, no matter how many journeys you make.  Then you can easily top it off with more credit when needed, at one of the many self-service machines in the underground stations.

The London Visitor Travel Card is another great option for London visitors.  For a specific number of days, 3 or 7, card holders get unlimited travel on London’s underground and buses.  Just choose the London zones your travels will extend to at time of purchase – either all 6 zones or just the 2 central zones.

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