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Day 5 – The Stunning Windy Cities: Glasgow & Edinburgh

May 18, we woke up in Glasgow and headed straight for the City Sightseeing bus, which gives a tour of the city and makes 24 stops at points of interest where you can hop on and off to explore.  The people sitting across from us kept raving about… more>

Day 4 – Armadale Castle on the Isle of Skye & Journey to Glasgow

May 17, we woke up to breakfast made to order at Shalimar B&B and contemplated what to do for the day.  When staying in Mallaig, it’s popular to take a ferry to the neighbouring islands, including the Isle of Skye, Eigg, Muck or Rum.  The last three… more>

Day 3 – Sleeper train to Scotland & Journey through the Highlands

May 16, we spent the night on ScotRail’s Caledonian Sleeper train where we each had a ‘berth’ and woke up to the green landscapes of Scotland. Here’s the deal on sleeping on the move and what to expect : • From London Euston we had the choice… more>

Day 2 – Olympic Tour and London Districts

Day 2 – Up early and on our way to drop off our luggage at London Euston’s ‘Left Luggage’ counter, where travelers can check in their bags for the day or longer.  Then we hopped back on the tube to meet up with our Blue Badge tour… more>

Day 1 – British Airways Service to London, an Absolute Delight!

May 13, I boarded my British Airways flight to London and was spoiled from take off until landing thanks to their Club World class. After finding my sleeper seat, I was offered champagne and given a menu for a three course dinner…a surprise for a 10pm… more>

BritRail’s Very Own UK Adventure

Follow our journey through England, Scotland & Wales

By: Angela Guezen

Yours truly was given two weeks, two BritRail Passes and free reign to create an awesome itinerary. Along with my travel buddy, who is also a great photographer, we plan on exploring the likes of London, Glasgow,… more>

May 6th
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