Introducing the high-speed Thalys

Dash through Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne and more

Thalys is among Europe’s most famous trains linking exciting cities in four countries. This high-speed line connects Paris to Brussels in 1 hour 22 minutes and Paris to Amsterdam in 3 hours 16 minutes, making it the definite choice of those looking to travel between France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Thalys offers frequent departure on its most popular routes including up to 24 daily departures between Paris and Brussels, 11 departures between Paris and Amsterdam and 13 departures between Brussels and Amsterdam. That’s not all though as you can board Thalys to reach other great cities such as Cologne, Düsseldorf, Antwerp and Lille. Seasonal services also include journeys to Marseille.

Aside from the frequent departures, expect nice comfortable seats, on-board Wi-Fi and high quality catering to be part of the Thalys experience. In fact, some of the reasons why Thalys is so well regarded is the quality of its services, where you can feel the importance of comfort and style from the distinctive violet-red and light grey accents on the exterior of the train to the red seats on the inside, making this train one of the most stylish and train you can find in Europe. More info and to book Thalys train tickets…

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