O Canada! Travel by train from the Rocky Mountains to the Maritimes

Via Rail

Discover Canada by train with the VIA Rail Canada e-tickets

Discover the natural beauty of Canada from the comfort of your seat as you travel by train past its many wonders including the breathtaking Canadian Rocky Mountains, the vast open fields of the Prairies, the majestic Niagara Falls and the warmhearted Maritimes.

Tickets for VIA Rail trains let you travel to virtually everywhere across Canada including great cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal, Quebec City on-board some of Canada’s most iconic trains including:

The Canadian
The Canadian takes you on an epic journey between Toronto, the country’s largest city, and Vancouver, located off the Pacific Coast. On your way across the world’s second largest country, you will be taken past The Great Lakes, across the Western Prairies and through the famous Rocky Mountains.

The Ocean
Discover the East Coast of Canada on The Ocean. Traveling from Montreal to Halifax, the train takes you to Canada’s Maritimes, famous for its warm and welcoming communities.

The Quebec-Windsor Corridor
The Quebec-Windsor Corridor is the most densely populated region in Canada with over 18 million people living within a span of 1,150 km. Trains running within the corridor will help you explore the bustling metropolitan area of Montreal, the multicultural city of Toronto, the charming European style of Quebec City and more.


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About VIA Rail trains

Leave the stress of driving behind you. Travel aboard the train and take advantage of comfortable seats, ample leg room and power outlets at every seat.

VIA Rail lets you select between Economy (Standard class) and Business (First class) fares for your accommodation. You can expect spacious seating and pleasant landscapes through large picture windows when you travel in Economy class. The Business class offers the space, atmosphere and comfort you need to relax or turn your travel time into a productive working session. In addition, you can also book early and get your hands on the Economy class low cost Escape fares which offer an inexpensive option for traveling.

VIA Rail train tickets can be purchased by anyone including Canadian travelers. The e-tickets can conveniently be printed at home and brought to the station or you can simply show your boarding pass from the screen of your phone or tablet.

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