Eurail gives away free SIM cards to pass holders


Eurail Select & Global Pass holders can get a FREE Eurail SIM Card to stay connected in Europe.

Eurail has launched the “Free Roaming” summer promotion and makes it easier for pass holders to stay connected with friends and family while traveling in Europe. This limited time promotion will allow the first 2,500 Eurail Select and Eurail Global Pass customers who register their pass purchase on to apply for a free Eurail Roaming SIM Card. The passes must have been purchased between July 7th and September 30, 2014.

The Eurail “Free Roaming” promotion includes a prepaid and pre-activated SIM Card with free incoming calls and 200 minutes of free Wi-Fi! In addition, you receive up to 100 minutes of international calls, 300 text messages or up to 100 MB pf data that can be used for as long as the phone line is active.

The Eurail Roaming SIM Card comes with a UK and a North American phone number and offers coverage in 30 European countries, including all those where the Eurail Pass is valid.

Get a Eurail Pass and register for a free Eurail SIM Card today while quantities last! For more information, visit




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  1. Jay

    BUYER BEWARE. DO NOT BUY THIS SIM CARD. I recently tried to purchase a sim card. After waiting a month despite the promised delivery of 6-12 business days, I still had not received my sim card. I filed a request to cancel. They offered to send it to whatever hotel I would be staying at but I told them I would rather not chance it. I didn’t receive any response, despite making several more attempts over the next week. It’s an absolute waste of time and money. Please don’t be fooled.

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