Sun sets on The Sunlander


Last chance to ride the storied train

We will soon bid farewell to Queensland Rail’s historic Sunlander. The venerable Australian train has been on the tracks of Australia’s East Coast for 60 years and will take its final journeys from Brisbane to Cairns on Sunday December 28, 2014 and from Cairns to Brisbane on Wednesday, December 31, 2014. It’s your opportunity to take one last trip or perhaps even your first on The Sunlander before its retirement on New Year’s Eve and thus become a part Queensland’s railway history.

Tickets are expected to sell fast, but you can still reserve a seat by contacting Queensland Rail with your Queensland Coastal Pass or Queensland Explorer Pass in hand.

Following the retirement of The Sunlander, service on the route will be entirely assumed by the new Spirit of Queensland train. The Spirit of Queensland combines modern seating with entertainment options between Brisbane and Cairns. Also, this new train includes the revolutionary RailBed, a spacious and comfortable seat which converts to a lie-flat bed for overnight travel.

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