A guide to the Thello night train


A time saving and cost effective way to travel between France and Italy

Every day, the Thello night train connects Paris – Rome and Paris – Venice. It’s an overnight ride through the heart of France, across the Alps and into Italy. You can board the departing train late at night and it will take you to your destination the next morning. This unique experience saves you the cost of a night’s hotel stay and leaves you with more daylight time for sightseeing.

Train routes and schedules

The Thello train is so popular that during the summer, it’s best to plan your reservations and book your tickets weeks in advance. We offer e-tickets for the Thello night train, which is a great way for you to save on shipping costs.

From Paris to Rome (select a date and departure time)

Board from either Paris or Dijon and arrive in Bologna, Florence or Rome the next morning.

From Paris to Venice (select a date and departure time)

Board from either Paris or Dijon and arrive in Milan, Brescia, Verona, Vicenza, Padova, or Venice the next morning.

From Rome to Paris (select a date and departure time)

Board from Rome, Florence or Bologna and arrive in Dijon or Paris the next morning.

From Venice to Paris (select a date and departure time)

Board from Venice, Padova, Vicenza, Verona, Brescia or Milano and arrive in Dijon or Paris the next morning.

Current schedules for the Thello night trains are as follows:


Sleeping cabins

Travel alone, with friends or with family. You can choose the level of privacy that best suits your needs by booking single, double or 3-sleeper cabins. Also, 4-berth and 6-berth couchette compartments are available to accommodate larger groups.



There are three types of Thello e-tickets:

1) The base fare is a regular e-ticket. Children between 4 and 12 years old receive up to 50% discount on the price of a regular e-ticket.

2) The economy fare is a discounted ticket available in limited numbers. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to find them.

3) The super economy fare has even greater discounts and is available in limited numbers as well.


The restaurant on board combines the best of both Italian and French cuisine. For dinner, you could, for example, start with a Croque-Monsieur followed by a hot plate of lasagna and Mediterranean vegetables while sipping a glass of Bordeaux as the sun sets and the countryside fades into the night. And there is no need to worry about midnight cravings as the bar is open during the whole journey. There, you will find a wide choice of snacks, food, hot & cold drinks and take away breakfast boxes.


See a sample menu





You can travel on the train with up to two pieces of luggage and one piece of hand luggage. There are no weight restrictions for your luggage.


Visit this page to find out more information on the Thello night Train.

Reserve your e-ticket for the Thello night train by booking a point to point ticket.

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  1. Jane

    Do not even bother with Thello! Take another means of transport.

    Thello do not know how to communicate and seem happy to cancel trains without notifying passengers prior to the trains expected departure time.

    The cabins smell like piss. The staff are rude. The toilets are disgusting. The bed springs stick out and stab into your back. Oh and the train screeches unbearably loud against the tracks unlike any other train we travelled on in Europe (and we took a lot of trains).

    If you want a nice overnight train experience, do it with the Swiss! That is freaking amazing!

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