JR East Pass Special Offer

On sale for a limited time from March 1st to June 14th, 2013

From historic shrines to Mt. Fuji, the Eastern region of Japan has no shortage of iconic sights. With various upcoming spring festivals in Tokyo and the Cherry Blossom season throughout the country, there are plenty of reasons to take advantage of the JR East Pass Special Offer.

For a limited time, you can purchase the 3 day JR East Pass Special and save on the price of a regular JR East Pass. The promotional rail pass is on sale from March 1st to June 14th, 2013 and is available for adults and children traveling in Ordinary (standard) Class.

The JR East Pass allows for unlimited travel on all the 72 railway lines of local, limited express and express trains. We suggest you try Japan’s famous Shinkansen bullet trains on the JR East Railway network. Running at speeds up to 300 km/h, they are some of the fastest trains in the world. In east Japan, the Shinkansen trains run on the Tohoko, Akita, Yamagata Joetsu and Nagano lines.

About the JR East Pass Special:

The JR East Pass Special is an e-ticket which you must exchange in Japan for the actual physical pass. The period for exchange is between April 1st and June 21st.

You will be able to travel with the JR East Pass Special between April 1st and June 30th. Upon completing your purchase, you must select a first date of travel between April 1st and June 20th, 2013.

Please note the JR East Past Special may only be purchased by foreign passport holders with a visa status of “temporary visitor”. Your passport may be verified at the time of exchange.

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  1. sakura

    Hello, I am planning to go to Japan next year March31 to April 11. Is it okay if I buy the pass now cuz it says one year from now it needs to be purchased?

    1. RubenBastien

      Hi, when you purchase a Japan Rail Pass, you receive a voucher that must be exchanged in Japan in order to receive the actual pass. The voucher must be exchanged within three months of the date of purchase. However, you have 1 year to return an unused voucher for a refund. There is no refund once the voucher has been exchanged for the rail pass.

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