The trip was by far the BEST vacation I have ever been on. What an experience.

Australia Rail Holiday Sweepstakes winner shares her story

Some of you may remember when we ran our first big sweepstakes back in the summer of 2010.  Well the lucky winner, Ms. Jenine has since enjoyed her prize, which included 2 Ausrail Passes, airfare and spending money, and is back to tell us how it went:

“What a fantastic country Australia is. Everything about this country makes your visit spectacular. My friend and I had the chance to travel for 3 weeks to the Australian East Coast this summer via the Ausrail Pass. The Australian rail systems seems to be underrated in this country as both my friend and I loved travelling this way. During our travels we managed to see so much of the Australian back country and to interact with many different people along our way because of the way we travelled. Traveling by air does not allow you to see the country side in the way we did. The convenience of having the Ausrail pass was really quite perfect. We were able to pre-book all of our travel dates and times so there was no guessing as to when we would leave or arrive. Australia is such a large country so we were only able to see a small portion of the country in the time that we had but I would highly recommend travelling via the Australian rail system. It really does give you a better and more holistic experience of Australia and what this amazing country has to offer.  It was a spectacular trip . A trip of a lifetime.”

Their Itinerary:

“We started in Sydney (stayed there for 3 nights), then took the over night train to Brisbane … that was a fun experience. We stayed in Brisbane for 6 days, then made our way up to Fraser Island for two days. After that we took the train to the Whitsunday Islands for 4 days and then to Cairns via the train for 6 nights. We did see the Great Barrier reef … what an experience. We also went to the Daintree Forest and Cape Tribulation (we actually did the Jungle Surfing up there which is new). That was probably the most scariest thing in my life … I have no idea why I agreed to it as I am absolutely terrified of heights. Fraser Island was my highlight though. Unbelievable!! I cannot believe a whole island is made out of sand. I will definitely be travelling back downunder again in my lifetime.”

Jenine – thank you for taking the time to write this review.  We hope it will inspire fellow travelers heading to Australia to experience their very own rail adventure!

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