Spotlight on Ireland

Explore its rugged coastal & lush green landscapes

Ireland draws visitors from around the world thanks to a number of reasons…all of which are uniquely Irish!  Whether it’s to hike along Ireland’s rocky cliffs, converse in a cozy pub while enjoying a pint of Guinness, walk the Giant’s Causeway, dance a jig to traditional music, kiss the Blarney Stone in one of Ireland’s legendary castles, trace your family roots, look for leprechauns, explore culture in Dublin and Belfast, experience the best of Irish hospitality by meeting the locals or to ride the rails through its rolling green hills.

Getting there:

Irish Sea Crossing

Stena Line offers quick and comfortable ferry service between Ireland and Britain. With an unrivaled choice of routes on the Irish Sea, taking the ferry to Ireland has never been so easy!

Available Routes:

Stranraer – Belfast

Holyhead – Dun Laoghaire

Fishguard – Rosslare

Holyhead – Dublin Port

Getting around:


With a rail pass valid in Ireland enjoy the freedom to keep to an itinerary all your own.

BritRail Pass + Ireland

Discover England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with the ultimate BritRail pass. Hop on and off the trains as you wish!

Eurail Ireland

Enjoy some of the best scenic routes through Irish greenery with unlimited train travel in the Republic of Ireland. Dublin is the main attraction; a city rich in romance and adventure.

Eurail Select Pass

Travel in 3, 4 or 5 bordering countries in Europe.  For example, travel throughout the Republic of Ireland, France and Italy with a Eurail Select Pass!

Eurail Global Pass

Enjoy train travel in 22 countries with this one pass, Ireland included!


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