Winner of ACP Rail’s Train Travel Photo Contest

And some of our favorite runner-ups


After running a train travel photo contest, we are happy to announce that Alyx Takla won with his stunning picture of the Outback Aurora in Australia, and he can now enjoy his prize of two First Class Eurail Global Passes.  Congratulations Alyx!

We would like to thank all those who participated and also all those who voted for their favourites.  Stay tuned for more contests, coming soon on ACP Rail’s Facebook page.

Winning Photo: The 'Outback Aurora' is a heritage passenger train that operates once per year between Sydney and Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia by Alyx Takla.


A rainy ride home on the train from Ft. Worth TX to Austin TX by Georgia Elizabeth Lloyd.


Glimpsed through the train window between Interlaken and Brienz_ turn your head and there's another postcard view! Marvellous Switzerland! By John Gough.


Exuberance in the Alps - Switzerland by Inno De Graauw.


Harry Potter's train, taken in Scotland this past September by Herbert Tabert.


Losing my train of thought somewhere in Deutschland by Chlo Zo.


Time for contemplation - from Switzerland to Italy by Sue Jones.

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