Short UK Trips Worthy of a Rail Pass

If you plan on stopping in the UK for a quick visit, you may be surprised to know that BritRail offers rail passes with short validities, including just 2 or 3 days.

Take two of BritRail’s regional passes for example: the London Plus Pass and the Central Scotland Pass.  The BritRail London Plus Pass begins with a validity of 2 days within 8 days, and the BritRail Central Scotland Pass’s shortest validity is 3 days within 7 days.  This means that passengers can use the travel days either consecutively or spread them out, to be used within about a week.  These passes are ideal for travelers who plan on staying in London or, Edinburgh and Glasgow, respectively but would also like to visit some key destinations outside the city by train.

Great day trips from London include stops in Brighton, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Bath, Stratford-Upon-Avon and Cambridge, just to name a few.  We invite you to visit BritRail’s detailed rail map to get a complete view of where you can go with a BritRail London Plus Pass.  Likewise, if you will be touring Scotland’s central region, a pass will take you around Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling, and any stops in between.

There are also two other more extensive rail passes that offer validities for short visits, including the BritRail Pass and the BritRail England Pass.  Both passes are available for either consecutive travel or flexible days beginning with 3 days, or for those that may have more time to stay, 3 flexible days within 2 months.

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