Helsinki, Finland to St. Petersburg, Russia

New High Speed Trains

New Allegro trains connect Helsinki and St. Petersburg, beginning December 12th, 2010, where the journey time is cut by two hours, to a speedy three and a half hours!  These timely connections depart from downtown Helsinki and arrive in the center of St. Petersburg, known for its beautiful canals.

Service will launch with two departures from each terminus daily.  The timetable includes departures from Helsinki at 10:00 and 15:00, arriving in St. Petersburg at 14:36 and 19:36 respectively; and departures from St. Petersburg at 6:40 and 15:25, arriving in Helsinki at 9:16 and 18:01 respectively.*

Passports and visas are checked on-board making for easy border crossing.  Also stay tuned, as there are plans to expand to four departures from each terminus daily by summer 2011!

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* Timetables subject to change.  Please verify train times at time of booking.

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