FAQ – Am I eligible to take advantage of Eurail’s Saver rates?

You are eligible for Eurail’s Saver rate if you are travelling in a group of 2 to 5 people. Each passenger receives up to 15% off on the normal adult price. One Saver Pass is used by the group so traveling together is required. Make sure that your itinerary suits this, as it’s not possible for individual members of the group to make different journeys at the same time. If only one person uses the Saver Pass to travel, it counts as a travel day for all travelers.

If your group is six people, you could order two Eurail Saver Passes for three travelers each. Even if you travel with a group of four people, you can consider buying two Saver Passes for two people each. This way you will have more flexibility to split up during your trip.

When activating your Saver Pass, the identities of all travelers need to be checked, so all travelers should be present with their passport when activating the Pass at the station. Or one person listed on the Pass could do the activation, but they will need to bring the passports of all the travelers mentioned on the Pass.

Saver passes are often offered in first class but this ultimately depends on the pass chosen. The following Eurail Passes offer Saver rates:

  • Global Pass
  • Select Pass: 3 Countries, 4 Countries or 5 Countries
  • All Regional Passes, except:
    • Norway – Sweden, Scandinavia (2nd class only)
  • All One Country Passes, except:
    • Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain (no Saver Pass)
    • Norway (2nd class only)
  • Many Regional and One Country Passes also have a 2nd class Saver Pass option.

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