Norway’s Lovely Fjord Tour

Breathtaking views by rail, boat & bus

The ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ tour takes you through the loveliest scenery in Fjord Norway. Travel the mountains by rail, the fjords by boat, and take a breathtaking bus journey up the steepest road in Northern Europe, the Stalheimskleiva!  You will experience the scenic Bergen Railway, the breathtaking Flam Railway, the narrow fjords and more!

Norway in a Nutshell tours available:

  • N1400. Bergen-Flam-Gudvangen-Voss-Bergen
  • N1402. Voss-Myrdal-Flam-Gudvangen-Voss
  • N1404. Oslo-Flam-Gudvangen-Voss-Bergen
  • N1406. Oslo-Flam-Gudvangen-Voss-Oslo
  • N1408. Oslo-Flam-Gudvangen-Voss-Bergen-Oslo

To summarize some of the highlights, the Bergen Railway is a unique experience on Northern Europe’s highest railway. The Flam Railway is regarded as one of the high points on the tour departing the mountain station of Myrdal to Flam deep in the fjord. On the journey, you have views of some of the most magnificent mountain scenery in Norway with an ever-changing panorama of tall mountains and thundering waterfalls. Along the Flam Railway the train moves slowly or stops at the best views.  Continue your journey by boat from Aurlandsfjord and into the Naeroyfjord, the narrowest fjord in Europe. The Naeroyfjord is now included on UNESCOs famous World Heritage List. Surrounded by mighty mountains of up to 1,800 meters high, this branch of the Sognefjord is amazingly beautiful. Then the coach journey continues up the steep and spectacular hairpin bends of Stalheimskleiva* with 13 steep turns. After enjoying the wonderful views of the Stalheimsfossen and Sivlefossen waterfalls, the journey continues to Voss. From Voss you can continue your journey by train to Bergen or Oslo.

The Norway in a Nutshell tour is available all year and can be completed in a day. However stopovers are encouraged, where 2 to 3 days may be best to fully appreciate the tour.

* In winter months October-April the coach does not go up Stalheimskleiva for reasons of safety.

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