Youth Rail Passes Offer Great Discounts

20-35% off travel to the UK, Europe, Japan & Australia

A youth rail pass is perfect for budget conscious students looking for great discounts to make that trip to the UK, Europe, Japan or Australia possible. As rail passes already offer great value, an added savings of twenty to thirty-five percent off the adult fare, makes a youth rail pass an even more attractive option for getting around.

Young travelers will surely appreciate the benefits of train travel thanks to the flexibility it offers any itinerary, its convenience, fast and frequent service, enjoyable scenic experience and environmentally friendly advantages.

Eligible ages for youth fares depend on the pass; for example a BritRail Youth Discount is for travelers aged 16 to 25 and a Eurail Global Pass Youth is for travelers aged 12 to 25. To see if you’re eligible for a youth rail pass please refer to ACP Rail’s wide range of passes offered by visiting

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  1. Angela

    Hi Denis,

    Here is a great summary page of senior rail pass discounts:

    Seniors, 60 years or older, visiting the UK can save with BritRail’s Senior Discount, receiving approximately 15% off the First Class adult fare on a BritRail FlexiPass, BritRail Consecutive Pass, BritRail England FlexiPass or BritRail England Consecutive Pass.

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