An ACP Rail Gem of a Journey

Train Hotel from Paris to Madrid

Paris to Madrid is a popular route and there’s no better way to travel it than on the Elipsos Train Hotel ‘Francisco de Goya’, which is said to be the best international night train in Europe. The train features private coaches with comfortable sleepers and amenities. Dinner and breakfast can also be enjoyed en route by visiting the dining car and café-bar on board.

Also enjoy some sightseeing en route from Madrid to Paris, where the train makes a stop at Blois, France in the famous Loire Valley. Well know for being at the center of the French Renaissance, Blois is the perfect stop for visiting the Loire Valley Castles.

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  • Click ‘Direct Reservations’ and enter the following information for the Madrid – Paris route: From (Point of Origin): MADRID-CHAMARTIN, To (Destination): Paris Austerlitz, Train Type: Night, Product: RENFE Sleeper-Couchette Ticket & Reservation, Class of service: Tourist SLP 4B

Train: 407 Madrid – Paris

19:00 Madrid-Chamartin

21:20 Valladolid

22:21 Burgos

23:39 Vitoria-Gasteiz

06:06 Poitiers

07:09 Blois

07:35 Orléans

08:31 Paris-Austerlitz

Train: 409 Paris – Madrid

19:47 Paris-Austerlitz

20:42 Orléans

21:07 Blois

22:08 Poitiers

04:05 Vitoria-Gasteiz

05:20 Burgos

06:22 Valladolid

09:10 Madrid-Chamartin

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