Choose the BritRail Pass that best suits your itinerary

With BritRail’s Trip Planner

BritRail offers great tools to help match your itinerary with the perfect pass.

There are 6 BritRail Passes that cover different regions, customized to suit your holiday, whether you want to focus on the London area or extend your travels throughout Britain + Ireland.

To select the BritRail Pass that best suits your itinerary, we suggest you begin with BritRail’s ‘Trip Planner’

  • Use the interactive map to locate the cities you want to visit, by typing in the city name on the left and clicking ‘add’.
  • After entering a city you can click on the ‘City Map’ tab to locate the train station closest to your hotel or destination,
  • Click on the ‘Photos’ tab to browse through a stunning selection of photos for a sneak peak of the city of your choice.
  • BritRail’s Trip Planner will display the corresponding rail pass that best suits the cities you want to visit on your trip.  Click ‘Book It’ to continue with your order.
  • Once shopping, you can select between Flexible or Consecutive travel.  If you have the time to linger in your favorite cities then don’t worry about sticking to a schedule because a Flexi Pass will allow you to travel for a select number of days within 2 months. For those who prefer to be on the move, a Consecutive Pass will best suit your itinerary with validities from 3 days up to 1 month. Europeans can also select 2 day passes within 1 month, perfect for weekend jaunts.

There truly is a BritRail Pass to suit everyone’s travel style!  Visit ACP Rail’s website today to begin planning your UK holiday!

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