FAQ: What are the advantages of choosing a rail pass vs train tickets?

One of the most frequent questions people ask when planning train travel in Europe is whether they should consider buying a Eurail Pass (or InterRail Pass for European Residents) or train tickets. Here, we compare the two options and highlight the main features… more>

Aug 28th
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FAQ – Does a BritRail Pass cover travel on London’s city transport, such as the underground and buses?

A BritRail Pass doesn’t include travel on London’s city transport.  However, one of the best features of train travel is that you arrive in the city center so from there, the closest underground or bus is usually just a hop, skip or jump away…especially in London.

For… more>

Sep 2nd
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FAQ – Can I travel on Airport Express trains with a BritRail Pass?

Yes, you can travel on Airport Express trains with a BritRail Pass.  As a BritRail Pass provides access to all trains on Great Britain’s National Rail Network, this also includes access to Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted Express trains – the quickest way from London’s airports to central London.


Jul 6th
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FAQ – How do I count the number of travel days I should get for my pass?

When traveling with a rail pass, you will have a specific number of days you can travel by train.  On these travel days you can use the train as often as you like from midnight to midnight, allowing you to keep a flexible schedule, as you can hop… more>

Mar 31st
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FAQ – I would like to travel the popular route from London to Glasgow. Can you please outline the train stations, expected travel times, train frequency and any other details of what I may experience on this route?

You will depart from London Euston and arrive at Glasgow Central train station.  Depending on the train, the trip duration ranges from approximately 4hr 8min to 4hr 30min on direct routes.  On average a train departs every hour but during peak times the frequency is as often as… more>

Mar 3rd
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FAQ – How do we qualify for BritRail’s Party Pass discount?

You can qualify for the BritRail Party Pass discount if you are going to be traveling with 3 or more people.  It’s an amazing deal as the 3rd through 9th passenger saves 50% off.  The key to qualifying for this discount is that you must travel together at… more>

Feb 7th
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FAQ – Can I really access ALL the trains in the UK with a BritRail Pass? Are there any exceptions?

A BritRail Pass allows unlimited travel on the national rail network throughout Great Britain – which means that yes, you can really access ALL the trains in the UK.  Okay, there is one exception; the exception is any steam trains or other private “ride” trains.

Jan 7th
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FAQ – What’s the difference between a Eurail and InterRail Pass?

There is one big difference between a Eurail Pass and an InterRail Pass, and that is Eurail Passes are for sale to non European residents and InterRail Passes are only for sale to European residents.

Then there are some differences in the products offered. For example, the… more>

Dec 7th
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We Ship Worldwide!

Receive orders faster from one of our 4 global distribution centers

It’s nice to know the shipping deal before you place an order online so here it is.  ACP Rail has distribution centers in North America, Europe, China and Australia, ready to ship anywhere in the world.  Shipping… more>

FAQ –What are the advantages of buying a rail pass in advance vs. buying train tickets on the fly?

1) Savings – For most itineraries, once you compare the cost of point to point train tickets vs. buying a rail pass, it quickly becomes clear that you get much more value with a rail pass.  Sometimes you can even make up the price of your rail pass… more>

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