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It’s nice to know the shipping deal before you place an order online so here it is.  ACP Rail has distribution centers in North America, Europe, China and Australia, ready to ship anywhere in the world.  Shipping time and fees depend on where you live but here are some general guidelines on how much time you should give yourself to receive an order*.

  • Residents of The USA and Canada can select priority shipping (1-2 business days) or regular shipping (up to 5 business days).
  • Residents of Europe can select priority shipping (up to 2 business days) or regular post (up to 5 business days).
  • Residents of Australia can select priority shipping (up to 5 business days) or regular post (up to 7 business days).
  • Residents of New Zealand can select priority shipping (up to 3 business days) or regular post (up to 7 business days).
  • Residents of Great Britain can select priority shipping (next business day) or regular post (up to 5 business days).
  • Residents of India, China and all other countries can select international priority (up to 7 business days).

*Shipping times are approximate and do not take into account delays, such as holidays.

Also to consider – get free shipping to The USA, Canada and Europe, when you buy the Rail Safeguard Plan Plus.  This package protects travelers if they lose or get their rail pass stolen.

The Rail Safeguard Plan Plus includes:

  • The Rail Pass Safeguard Plan for lost or stolen passes **
  • Free regular shipping (for clients of the US, Canada and Europe)
  • Maps, timetables and travelers guide (if applicable to the product purchased)

**ACP Rail will reimburse the holder(s) named on the rail pass or ticket, in case of theft or accidental loss of the rail pass or ticket. Each claim is reimbursed for the unused value at the time of theft or loss subject to exclusions, conditions and limitations.  Please consult FAQ’s for further details on the Rail Pass Safeguard Plan.

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  • Pls advise how to obtaine pass for 2 countries : France and Spain. Is it possible via your site or to order somewhere? We leave in Russia. And would like to travel in France and Spain.
    Thank you

  • Angela

    Hello Natalie,

    Russia is considered as a European country for Eurail and InterRail. So Russian residants don’t have access to the Eurail France – Spain Pass. You have only access to the InterRail France Pass.

  • jason Torres

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