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Trenitalia Frecciargento trains combine high-speed travel with supreme comfort. Currently there are two types of Frecciargento trains in service: the ETR 485 and, since 2008, the ETR 600. Capable of traveling at speeds of up to 250 km/h, both of these powerful commuters provide a dependable connection between most major city centers within Italy.

A unique feature of the Frecciargento is its ability to operate on both high speed and conventional tracks. In addition, the train commonly known as the Pendolino (which translates to “small pendulum” in Italian) has a special tilting mechanism in its chassis design. This system helps the train to maintain optimal speed when taking corners along the track.

Popular routes that employ the Frecciargento train include Florence to Venice, Rome to Venice and Rome to Verona with frequent, prompt departures are available every day.

Travel by Frecciargento and choose from 5 different e-ticket fare options:

  • Trenitalia E-Ticket Super Economy Fare
    The least expensive option, offering variable prices depending on time of booking and travel. Ticket exchanges or refunds are not permitted.
  • Trenitalia E-Ticket Economy Fare
    Slightly more expensive than the Super Economy fare, and also offering variable prices depending on time of booking and travel. You have the flexibility to exchange your ticket, in Italy, for another date or time within the same category before your train’s departure, by paying the difference between with the Base price. Refunds are not permitted.
  • Trenitalia E-Ticket Base Fare
    The base fare gives you the flexibility to exchange your ticket, in Italy, for another date or time before your train’s departure or within 1 hour after departure. Refunds are permitted up to train departure, where a 20% cancellation fee applies.
  • Trenitalia E-Ticket 2×1 Saturday Fare
    On Saturdays two people travel for the price of one adult base fare.
  • Trenitalia E-Ticket Bimbi Gratis Fare
    One child under the age of 15 travels for free, while up to four accompanying adults pay the base fare.

Your Trenitalia e-ticket also allows you to choose from 2 seating classes (Second and First).

A trip aboard the mighty Frecciargento includes a wide variety of convenient services from city to city, with a smile!

Popular Frecciargento Train Routes

Why choose travel on Trenitalia Frecciargento trains?

  • Frecciargento trains are equipped with an advanced tilting mechanism that allows for reliable high-speed performance even on curved tracks.
  • Several domestic routes are available with frequent and prompt daily departures, so you can get to the destination of your choice when it suits you the most.
  • Your Trenitalia e-ticket includes ticket delivery by email and seat reservation for the trip.

Types of Frecciargento Trains

Frecciargento ETR 485 (aka “Pendolino”)

  • First introduced: 1993
  • Maximum operating speed: 250km/h
  • Layout: 9 coaches (3 First Class / 5 Second Class / 1 restaurant/bar)
  • Seats: 489 in total

Frecciargento ETR 600 (aka “New Pendolino”)

  • First introduced: 2008
  • Maximum operating speed: 250km/h
  • Layout: 7 coaches (2 First Class / 5 Second Class)
  • Seats: 432 in total

Service Highlights on Frecciargento Trains

  • Air-conditioned coaches
  • Onboard food and drink catering
  • WiFi internet access
  • Power outlets at every seat
  • Large storage spaces for luggage
  • Wheelchair-accessible facilities and designated seating for the disabled
  • TV monitors displaying trip information, up-to-date news and videos (ETR 600)
  • Courtesy lighting at every seat (ETR 600)


The total dimensions of your luggage set must not be larger than 250 cm (based on height, length and width) and its total weight must not exceed 25 kg. Door-to-door delivery services are available for a small fee in certain cities in Italy.


Regional trains marked with a bicycle sign will accept them on board for a small fee. You may carry your bicycle free of charge aboard domestic trains provided it is kept in an appropriate bicycle case. The bike case’s total dimensions must not exceed 80 x 110 x 40 cm and it must be placed in the designated storage space on the train.


You are allowed to ride the train with your pet. Free transportation is restricted to small animals only such as cats, small dogs and birds. Pets must be kept in a cage or similar enclosed carrier no bigger than 70 x 30 x 50 cm in size. Larger animals are permitted as long as you pay the price of a travel ticket for animals. Guide dogs for the blind can travel for free on all Trenitalia Frecciargento trains with no obligation.


Assistance services are available for people with reduced mobility and special needs (individuals in a wheelchair, the mentally handicapped, the visually or hearing impaired, seniors and pregnant women). Request for assistance may be made by contacting Trenitalia’s dedicated call center (local number: 199 303060) no less than 24 hours before train departure.

Frecciargento Train Tickets

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Santa Maria Novella (Florence)
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Arena di Verona (Verona)
Verona’s ancient Roman amphitheater was built in the early 1st century A.D. and originally had a seating capacity of 30,000. Today, though having a maximum capacity of only 15,000 for safety reasons, the internationally-acclaimed theater remains in use, hosting large-scale musical and operatic performances regularly.


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