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Eurail’s Rail Planner app

The *smartest* way to plan a rail trip There’s some great news for travelers heading to Europe! Eurail recently unveiled its Rail Planner app, a smartphone application for Eurail and InterRail passholders with tons of helpful features including the ability to use the app without an internet connection. The Rail Planner app is the travel...
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FAQ – I’d like to visit a few cities in England. Can you please help me decide if a BritRail England Pass or BritRail London Plus Pass is my best choice?

The best way to choose your pass is to plan your itinerary, by making a list of the cities you want to visit, then use BritRail’s Trip Planner to see the corresponding rail pass depending on the cities you’ve entered.  The following short YouTube video is a great introduction to BritRail’s Trip Planner
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ACP Rail on YouTube

UK video clips and more ACP Rail has launched its own YouTube channel where short video clips give a great taste for train travel.  If you’re planning a rail holiday, we suggest you browse the selection of video clips for planning pointers such as BritRail’s trip planner, a selection of discounts, on board services, sleepers...
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Choose the BritRail Pass that best suits your itinerary

With BritRail’s Trip Planner BritRail offers great tools to help match your itinerary with the perfect pass. There are 6 BritRail Passes that cover different regions, customized to suit your holiday, whether you want to focus on the London area or extend your travels throughout Britain + Ireland. To select the BritRail Pass that best...
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