Visiting the Home of Lego

Written By: Kathleen Ng Cheong Ton One of the main reasons we decided to visit Denmark is because it’s the home of LEGO. My son Jacob has been a huge LEGO fan since he was quite young and was actually the one who suggested going to the “country where LEGOs were created”! Having travelled around...
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the ultimate belgium guide

The Ultimate Belgium Guide

In our last blog post (Make the Best of Your Eurail Benelux Pass) we told you which cities to visit in Benelux. Now let’s go into more detail and we are starting off with Belgium! Here is our Ultimate Belgium Guide.  Where to stay? GHENT     When travelling to Belgium, many people tend to...
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Make the Best of Your Eurail Benelux Pass

When travelling Europe by train there is always the question of “Should we buy point to point tickets or buy a rail pass?” If you are thinking of travelling to the Netherlands, Belgium and/or Luxembourg, here is a perfect itinerary to make the most out of your Eurail Benelux Pass. Belgium Let’s start with Belgium....
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Lisbon’s trams, trains and more hits with the kids

Lisbon’s trams, trains and more hits with the kids!

By: Kathleen Cheong, Images by: Nico Marchand Lisbon offered landmark after landmark, surprise after surprise. My son is a huge fan of trains so when we jumped on the infamous Tram 28, he was speechless (for once!). Jacob was in awe of our ride through the tight corridors of the city and taken by surprise by some sneaky...
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family travels in Lisbon

Family Travels in Lisbon

By: Kathleen Cheong, Images by: Nico Marchand My breath was taken away the moment we drove away from the Aeroporto de Lisboa and into the city of Lisbon. The beautifully detailed tiles on the surrounding buildings, the artsy (and slippery!) sidewalks and the sense of history drew me right in. My boyfriend, four year old son Jacob and...
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Eurail’s Extra Days Promotion

Get 1 to 5 extra travel days on your pass Travel further with Eurail’s Extra Days Promotion! Already offering great value for travel throughout Europe, now your pass will have anywhere from 1-5 extra travel days added for free. Buy your pass between July 1st and September 30th, 2016 to benefit from these extra travel days. The...
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summer party in Budapest

Eurail & Interrail Summer Party in Budapest

August 8th at A38 Ship – a World’s Best Club awarded by Lonely Planet  Come to the Eurail summer party in Budapest! To be eligible for free entry, participants must hold a Eurail or Interrail Pass for 2016 (Global Pass, [Eurail] Select Pass or One Country Pass). Additionally, a Eurailer or Interrailer can bring one...
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Eurail's new Select Pass offers even more options

Eurail’s New Select Pass Offers More Options

In 2016 Eurail’s new Select Pass offers even more options! The beauty of the Eurail Select Pass is you get to choose the countries you want to visit. As long as the countries you select are bordering you can travel freely among the countries valid on your pass. And now there are even more options...
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Eurail Off-Peak

Eurail Off-Peak Promotion

20% off or an Extra Travel Day! It’s a great time to travel to Europe this low season as not only can you avoid the summer crowds but you can also take advantage of Eurail’s Off-Peak Promotion. Depending on the pass you choose you get a little something extra: Save up to 20% off a...
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Eurail Roaming SIM Card Promotion

Eurail Global Pass holders can apply starting July 31, 2015 Holders of a Eurail Global Pass can apply for a free international Roaming SIM Card providing a certain amount of free calls, text messages and data roaming across Europe. The Eurail Roaming SIM Card has a prepaid credit of € 18.00 and is pre-activated with a UK (+44) and US (+1)...
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