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Renfe Spain Pass

With a Renfe Spain Pass, enjoy travel across its extensive network, including its famous AVE high speed trains to the likes of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Córdoba, Málaga and beyond. Simply select the number of rail journeys you want, anywhere from 4 to 12, to be used within 1 month and let the Renfe Spain Pass transport you to exciting destinations of your choice. This pass not only provides great flexibility, it also offers exceptional value as the price of seat reservations is included. Not to mention, it’s an easy to use e-ticket!

Renfe Spain Pass



Where can the pass be used?
  • In Spain, on high speed AVE trains, Long and Middle distance trains.
  • Renfe Spain Passes are designed for sale to persons having their permanent residence outside of Spain.
Pre-booking time
  • Customers can select a first date of travel that is up to 6 months from the purchase date.
  • Children 4-13
Bonuses & Inclusions
  • Present your Renfe Spain Pass at a Tourism Office in Spain to receive discount coupons for museums, restaurants, guided tours and more. Click here for a list of discounts
Additional Details
  • The Renfe Spain Pass is an electronic ticket.
  • Choose between 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 rail journeys to be used within 1 month.
  • A train journey is a single one-way trip between a point of origin and a destination. Each change of train is considered a separate journey.
  • The Renfe Spain Pass is available for travel in either:
  • The price of seat reservations is included:
  • Once a seat reservation is booked, the journey will be considered as “used” on your Renfe Spain Pass. You can, however, cancel a reservation and thus restore the journey on your Renfe Spain Pass, if done in Spain up to 15 minutes before the train's departure. 
  • You must board each train journey with a valid passport, your printed, Renfe Spain Pass and your printed seat reservation, see example here
  • A pass cannot be used without a printed seat reservation. If a pass is used without a reservation, it will be considered as if the passenger is traveling without a ticket and will risk payment of a full-fare ticket and a fine, subject to the rules of Renfe, the national railway company.
  • The Renfe Spain Pass is valid on daytime domestic routes. It cannot be used for night trains or on international trains in and out of Spain.
  • You will be able to book seat reservations on any valid train provided seats are available in your class of service.
  • Pass holders of a Turista (Standard Class) pass can pay a supplement to travel in Preferente (First Class, also known as Business Class or Club Class when available on select trains).


Renfe Spain Pass
10 Journeys
CLUB 1CL$735$552--
TURISTA 2CL$526$397--
12 Journeys
CLUB 1CL$835$627--
TURISTA 2CL$596$448--
4 Journeys
CLUB 1CL$348$263--
TURISTA 2CL$248$186--
6 Journeys
CLUB 1CL$495$371--
TURISTA 2CL$356$263--
8 Journeys
CLUB 1CL$627$465--
TURISTA 2CL$448$333--
* Prices displayed in U.S. dollars