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Scandinavian Rail

With Scandinavian Rail train tickets, you can travel throughout Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark! Experience train travel to popular cities including Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm with modern and comfortable train service. Explore Norway’s beautiful fjords, Finland’s Arctic adventures, Sweden’s fashionable design, Denmark’s enchanting Viking history and much more.

Travel by train with Scandinavian Rail and take advantage of beautiful scenic views on any route of your choice! Popular routes include the Flam Railway to Myrdal, the Rauma Line from Oslo to Trondheim and the Bergen Railway. Journey through breathtaking Nordic landscapes by train and enjoy wonderful views from your seat!

Oslo to Stockholm by Train

Why choose Scandinavian Rail train tickets?

  • Travel through the four Nordic countries with beautiful views of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.
  • Scandinavian Rail offers modern services, transporting you to and from popular cities in speed and comfort.

Or if you’re buying more than one ticket, consider buying a rail pass, as it can be cheaper and offers more flexibility.

Suggested Itineraries

Stockholm – Oslo – Gothenburg – Copenhagen

Enjoy this rail journey to Scandinavian cities rich in culture and design.

From Stockholm to Oslo
Estimated travel time: 5h55m

From Oslo to Gothenburg
Estimated travel time: 3h48m

From Gothenburg to Copenhagen
Estimated travel time: 3h48m

Services on Scandinavian Rail

Norway (Vy)

  • Electricity sockets
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and newspapers
  • Night cabins
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Food and beverages
  • Air conditioning

Sweden (SJ)

  • Spacious carriages with larger seats
  • Included seat reservations for first class and for second class when travelling on SJ High-speed train and SJ Night train
  • Quiet zones
  • A three-course meal can be purchased in advance when a first class seat is booked
  • Night trains available
  • Electricity sockets
  • Sockets for radio and music channels

Denmark (DSB)

  • Free Wi-FI

Finland (VR)

  • Electricity sockets
  • Restaurant services
  • Free Wi-FI


Norway (Vy)

Luggage can be carried and stowed onboard. Maximum hand luggage weight permitted is 30 kilos per passenger.

Sweden (SJ)

Luggage can be stowed above seats and in compartments at both ends of train carriages. Unaccompanied luggage is not permitted onboard.

Denmark (DSB)

Luggage is permitted onboard with maximum measurements of 100x60x30 cm.

Finland (VR)

Luggage with a maximum weight of 20kg costs €5, any piece of luggage over that weight will cost €10.


Norway (Vy)

Bicycles are permitted on some trains and require a separate ticket, usually available at half the standard ticket price.

Sweden (SJ)

Bicycles are not allowed on SJ trains unless they can be folded as hand luggage.

Denmark (DSB)

Bicycles are permitted on all DSB trains and require a separate ticket that be purchased with a passenger ticket or separately. Some local trains do not charge for bicycles.

Finland (VR)

Bicycles are allowed on most VR trains at a small fee. Folded bikes can be brought on board at no charge.


Norway (Vy)

Dogs on a leash and other small pets are permitted on all Vy trains, though they are not allowed in sleeping compartments, dining cars or disabled/children’s carriages. Animals under 40 cm of height travel free, otherwise a fee of 50% of an adult ticket will apply.

Sweden (SJ)

Two pets may travel with a passenger as long as they can fit in a second class seat. Larger animals requiring a seat will cost the same price as a youth fare.

Denmark (DSB)

For a fee, each passenger may travel with one dog. However passengers may travel with small dogs and other small pets, when transported in a pet carrier or similar at no cost.

Finland (VR)

Pets may be brought on board with owners. Each pet costs a €5 fee unless you would like to have an additional seat which would cost half the price of a regular ticket.


Norway (Vy)

Recent trains are equipped with elevators, handicapped washrooms and chair fasteners. Older trains have wheelchair ramps and rails. Trains are family-friendly with changing tables, space for strollers and play areas for children.

Sweden (SJ)

Passengers with disabilities may require assistance for travel to and from stations and when switching trains at no additional cost when booking tickets or 24 hours before the train departure at +46 771 75 75 75 (touchtone 1). Regarding allergies, gluten- or lactose- free and vegetarian food may be ordered in first class on X 2000 trains. Baby changing tables are available in almost all carriages.

Denmark (DSB)

Strollers are permitted on certain carriages.

Finland (VR)

Assistance is available for passengers with disabilities, who must arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to departure. Accommodations are also made for individuals with allergies. Long-distance trains offer space for strollers at no cost and family friendly playrooms.

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Some Top Attractions in Scandinavia

The Royal Gardens 
Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, these gardens offer visitors a beautiful place to walk around in, to have a picnic or to simply sit and enjoy the scenery. Over 2 million tourists and locals visit the gardens every year.

The Northern Lights 
Visit Northern Norway between late fall and early spring to observe one of the most stunning light shows created by nature – the aurora borealis.

The Design District 
Take a walking tour around Helsinki, Finland’s capital, and discover why the city is known for sustainable design shopping, creative furniture design, antique stores and much more! The district also hosts the Museum of Design, the Museum of Finnish Architecture and Design Forum Finland.

Near central Stockholm, this green island is home to the city’s most popular museums, cafés and restaurants. Explore the art, history, animal life and amusement rides of Djugården.

Liseberg Amusement Park 
Bring the whole family to this popular Swedish amusement park and explore over 40 attractions including water rides, castles and roller coasters. Open since 1923, it is one of the most popular amusement parks in Scandinavia.