Night Travel by Sleeper Train

Train Ticket Booking
Night Travel by Sleeper Train
Train Ticket Booking
Night Travel by Sleeper Train
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Sleeper trains provide one of the most delightful ways of traveling to a faraway city. Today, more and more railway companies are offering this type of overnight travel option on their “extra” long-distance routes. Quiet, restful, romantic – there is simply nothing else like it! Imagine turning in for the night on a comfortable bunk and being softly lulled to sleep by the sound of the track, to wake up to a fresh new day in a fresh new country!

Why choose night train tickets?

A cozy, cost-effective way to travel across long distances, particularly between two countries

High-speed sleeper trains can travel at an average top speed of 200km/h, so that you’ll reach your destination quickly and efficiently

Sleeping on the train overnight can save you money you would otherwise have spent on a hotel room
You’ll get the most of your “vacation daylight time” – spend a full day visiting one city; board the train and travel throughout the night; wake up rested and ready to go again early the next day in another city

Most night train tickets include a sleeper/berth reservation on the train

Whether you’re traveling by yourself or in a group, you can choose the level of personal privacy that suits you best

On-board Accommodations and Amenities

Though several different sleeping options exist, they may not be available on all night train services. Typically however, you’ll have 3 basic accommodation layouts to choose from:

Standard reclining seat

This least expensive option is best suited for travelers on a budget, or who do not require a bed during the trip.

4-6 berth (bed) compartments

This moderately-priced option provides sleeping quarters for 4 to 6 people. Perfect for families or small groups of friends traveling together. Often referred to as “couchettes”, these compartments come pretty basic, with a bedding kit and perhaps a complimentary bottle of water. Separate washroom and toilet facilities are normally shared among the passengers in each coach.

1-3 berth (bed) cabins

This most expensive option is also the most comfortable and private. Ideal for individual travelers or couples, these cabins provide more secluded sleeping quarters for just 1 to 3 people. In addition to a quality mattress, bedding and pillows, each cabin usually comes with a personal wash sink and towels, at least one power outlet, plus a complimentary travel kit containing essential toiletries.

Common amenities aboard sleeper trains include climate-controlled, sound-proofed cabins with locking doors, food and drink catering, complimentary newspapers and magazines, convenient storage areas for luggage items, and wake-up service.

How to purchase night train tickets

Night train tickets can be booked in the same manner as regularly-scheduled train tickets. Simply select your desired route and book the ticket. Once your order has been processed, you’ll receive your ticket shortly thereafter by email or by home address delivery, depending on the type of ticket. Most tickets include a seat/bed reservation at the time of booking.

The summer is a particularly popular season for night train travel. As such, it is recommended that you book your ticket well in advance of the trip date.

Popular rail companies offering sleeper train services

British Rail (Britain)
Train: Caledonian Sleeper

ÖBB (Austria)
Train: ÖBB Nightjet

DSB (Denmark)
Train: DSB night train

Vy (Norway)
Train: Vy Sleeper

Renfe (Spain)
Train: Trenhotel

SBB (Switzerland)
Train: EuroNight

SJ (Sweden)
Train: SJ night train

SNCF (France)
Train: ICN (intercity night train)

Trenitalia (Italy)
Train: Thello night train

Via Rail (Canada)
Train: Via Sleeper Plus

VR (Finland)
Train: VR Sleeper

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