Eurail Family Discount


Free travel for children with a Eurail Pass

Now is a better time than ever to bring the whole family along for the ride when you visit Europe, thanks to the Eurail Family Discount.

Introducing a new discount for families, Eurail now allows up to 2 children to travel for free with an adult pass holder.

If your purchase includes children between the ages of 4 and 11, their Eurail Passes will be free. Up to 2 children can travel with a free Eurail Pass for each adult in the group.

5 Responses
  1. Tran


    I have a 31-day tour in 7 countries in Europe (France, Germany, CH check, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Spain) for 4 people (2 adults, 1 teenager and 1 child)
    Please advise me to use the EURAIL Global pass.
    Thank you

  2. Meryline Queen Murmu

    we have a 9 years daughter and a 5 years daughter. I would like to buy a eurorail pass for 3 countries ( Denmark, Sweden and Norway) ,will I get a family discount offer?
    Thank you

  3. Aissa Mitton

    Visiting Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Cologne. My husband and I with out 5 kids (9, 8, 4, 2 and 1 years old) as well as some friends (2 adults, 13 & 10 years old kids). Would a Eurail Global be our best option. Could we use this pass while we are in the city? Or just the trains taking us to different countries?

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