Scotland declares 2015 to be the year of Food and Drinks


Scotland is getting ready to welcome visitors with attractions and events that celebrate its gastronomy. From Scottish Whisky to fresh sea plates, the mouth-watering offerings of Scotland will take center stage all year.

While on visit, one must try a plate of Haggis, Scotland’s national dish. Haggis is a savoury sausage-like dish that combines meat with oatmeal, onions, salt and spices. It is typically served with mashed potatoes.

As you travel, follow one of the many food trails which take you on savoury journeys while teaching you about local food and drinks. The Seafood Trail, Whisky Trail and Scottish Cheese Trail are examples of some of the unique itineraries that highlight the many flavours of Scotland.

The best way to explore Scotland’s unspoiled landscapes remains the train. Widely recognized as having some of the most scenic railways in the world, Scotland’s railway is also considered first in its class when it comes to the level of service it provides its customers. Experience it for yourself with a BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass, valid for travel in Scotland.

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