Angela and Jen’s UK Adventures

Yours truly was given two weeks, two BritRail Passes and free reign to explore England, Scotland & Wales. 14 days, 12 destinations and approximately 3,000 km later, here is our Angela and Jen’s UK Adventures story. We hope it will provide inspiration for your next trip to the UK! Happy travels!

Day 1: London – British Airways Service to London, an Absolute Delight!
Day 2:
London – Olympic Tour and London Districts
Day 3: Fort William & Mallaig – Sleeper train to Scotland & Journey through the Highlands
Day 4: Mallaig & Isle of Skye & Glasgow – Armadale Castle on the Isle of Skye & Journey to Glasgow
Day 5: Glasgow & Edinburgh – The Stunning Windy Cities: Glasgow & Edinburgh
Day 6: Edinburgh & Swinton Park – A First Class Experience: TransPennine Express & Castle Stay at Swinton Park
Day 7: York & Liverpool – Tour York and Savour Liverpool, oh my!
Day 8: Liverpool & Llandudno – Lively Liverpool & Coastal Llandudno
Day 9: Llandudno & Cardiff – Conwy Castle & Cardiff Bound
Day 10: Cardiff – Cardiff, Welsh Heritage and Foodie Haven
Day 11: St. Ives – England’s Riviera Line to St. Ives, Cornwall
Day 12: St. Ives – A Day at the Beach, St. Ives England
Day 13: St. Ives & London – Chicago The Musical in London: Lights, Sparkles & Jazz
Day 14: London – How much can you pack into one day in London?

By: Angela Guezen

Photos by: Jen Crane

3 Responses
  1. Hi Kids!
    Wow what a fantastic adventure! I went to England at your age for six months and I remember it to this day (well……….some of it!)
    England is the most wonderful enigma. Totally old yet totally hi tech.
    Where else would you find a six hundred year old stone wall and in the middle of it an ATM machine!
    Have fun and look forward to hearing about your trip.
    P.S. Go to the Tower of London and see the Crown Jewels and the Nasty Museum of torture! You get to see “a diamond so big it will make you puke” (Steve Martin from the movie “The Jerk”) and a museum display that truly WILL make you puke!

  2. I wish to travel alone to London with all its attraction, Glasgow, Manchaster, Scotland , Wales and Plymouthwith a fixed plan of 8-9 days in train. Is it possible to travel this way?

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