Spend Your Summer Exploring the Balkans

As we know, the Balkans is an area full of hidden gems  and some don’t even know where that is. Thus, we decided to create a Pinterest board to bring some images behind the name and maybe inspire you for your next trip.


Jun 14th
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Even Greater Rail Pass Value

New in 2012

Visitors can now explore even more countries when traveling with a Eurail Global Pass or a Balkan Flexi Pass!

An exciting addition this year, the Eurail Global Pass now includes rail travel in Slovakia, which makes for a total of 23 European countries… more>

Jan 5th
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Don’t want to miss Turkey & Slovakia?

Check out a Balkan Flexi or European East Pass

Although Turkey and Slovakia cannot be travelled with a Eurail Pass, we have 2 other passes that can take you there!  The Balkan Flexi Pass includes Turkey, plus Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia.  Select from… more>

Oct 8th
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FAQ – Which rail passes offer discounts for seniors?

Adults over 60 who are traveling in Great Britain or Europe can take advantage of senior discounts on select rail passes.

UK rail passes that offer a senior discount include:

A BritRail FlexiPass and BritRail Consecutive Pass or a BritRail England FlexiPass or BritRail England Consecutive Pass,… more>

Sep 8th
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Balkan Flexi Pass

Explore Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey

The Balkan Flexi Pass offers unlimited First Class rail travel in 7 of the most historic and culture-rich countries.  This pass offers great value covering these neighboring countries, especially if you don’t want to miss Turkey, which cannot… more>

Mar 12th
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