FAQ – What’s the best way to travel around downtown London?

London is best traveled by tube and bus, especially when using a prepaid card, which saves you time and money on London’s public transit.  Either an Oyster Card or a London Visitor Travel Card is great to have during your stay in London, as using the underground… more>

Aug 6th
Posted by Angela in FAQ,United Kingdom

FAQ – I’d like to visit a few cities in England. Can you please help me decide if a BritRail England Pass or BritRail London Plus Pass is my best choice?

The best way to choose your pass is to plan your itinerary, by making a list of the cities you want to visit, then use BritRail’s Trip Planner http://www.britrail.net/plan-a-trip to see the corresponding rail pass depending on the cities you’ve entered.  The following short YouTube video… more>

Jul 7th
Posted by Angela in FAQ,United Kingdom
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