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Brighton to London Train Tickets

Brighton to London Train Tickets

Traveling from Brighton to London by train is a smooth and speedy commute, whether you board with the Gatwick Express, Thameslink or Southern railway line. Standard and First Class coaches are available, along with an array of friendly onboard services and amenities designed to ensure a relaxing experience. While en route, enjoy a hot coffee or tea as you sit back and watch the magnificent English countryside roll by your window!

London offers no less than four destination train stations. The quickest route from Brighton, pulling in at Victoria station, takes as little as 54 minutes! With well over 100 departures collectively each day, you can travel from Brighton to London by train precisely when you want to.

Your journey takes you to London, capital city of all the United Kingdom. A lively metropolis with a rich cultural background, London is home to a wide variety of historic buildings and famous landmarks. The medieval Tower of London castle, Westminster Abbey church, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral and National Gallery museum are just a few of the city’s finest tourist attractions.

Buy your convenient Brighton to London ‘Ticket on Departure & Reservation’ here. Simply use the ticket collection reference # provided in the email we send you, to collect your actual train ticket from a self-service ticket machine in Britain.

Journey details

Trains depart every 10 minutes on average, with approximately 127 departures daily

Travel time
54 minutes direct (fastest time)

Train stations
Brighton to Victoria, St. Pancras, Blackfriars or London Bridge

Train features
Gatwick Express, Thameslink and Southern passenger trains, reaching a maximum speed of 177km/h

Brighton to London ticket fares

When booking your Ticket on Departure & Reservation, the following fare options may be available:
  • Anytime tickets offer full flexibility. With no time restrictions, you are free to travel aboard any train, even during peak hours.
  • Off-Peak tickets offer some flexibility, allowing you to travel aboard any train operating during off-peak hours on your ticket date. Though off-peak times may vary, they are typically before 9:30am and between 4:00pm and 7:00pm.
  • Advance tickets are less expensive, but have a limited availability. The sooner you book, the less you pay. Ideal for those committed to traveling on a particular date, time and train.

Brighton to London ticket classes

  • Standard Class
    Standard class coaches provide comfortable, quality seating.
  • First Class
    First class coaches are equipped with larger, reclining seats that offer superior comfort as well as plenty of leg and elbow room. Passengers can enjoy the complimentary at-seat food and drink service and a free morning newspaper.

Brighton to London ticket discounts

  • Child discount
    Children under 5 years of age travel for free. Children between the ages of 5 and 15 can save up to 50% off the adult ticket price.

Train services and amenities

  • Quality, comfortable seats with large panoramic windows
  • Onboard food and drink catering
  • Designated storage areas for personal luggage items
  • Wi-Fi connection available on certain train lines
  • Power outlet access available on most trains
  • “Quiet Coaches” or “Entertainment Coaches” available on some trains
  • Non-smoking coaches

More info

Seat reservations
When booking your Brighton to London ticket, the seat reservation is included in most cases. Exceptions where the seat may not be reserved at the time of booking include shorter journeys that don’t offer seat reservations or when the allocation of reservable seats is fully booked. In either case, your ticket is still valid and you can sit in any vacant seat.

Ticket purchase conditions and delivery
Tickets may be booked up to 3 months in advance. Refunds and exchanges are not allowed. Receive your ticket collection reference number by email, which can be used to collect your train ticket from a self-service ticket machine in Britain, good for travel from Brighton to London by train.

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