Senior Eurail Pass

Travel Europe in comfort using a senior Eurail Pass

The senior Eurail Pass  is your ticket to exploring Europe by train in the most relaxing and comfortable settings.  Most Eurail Pass offer a 10 % discount on the normal adult price.

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Avoid driving long distances in unfamiliar surroundings and instead opt for breathtaking scenic views, the convenience found in arriving in city centers, the overall fast and frequent service and the environmentally friendly advantages of train travel. Plus for first class travelers, add large comfy seats, complimentary magazines and Wi-Fi to the experience on most routes.

View our selection of Eurail Global Passes, Eurail Regional and National Passes. Enter you age when prompted. The senior discount will automatically apply if it is offered on the pass you selected. Or to benefit from a ‘Saver’ fare, enter the number of people traveling together and the discounted ‘Saver’ fare will be displayed in the results.